Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why I Need To Find Me

I need to find me.  Weight Watchers (or WW as they like to be called now) has given me a very unhealthy relationship with food.

When I first started out, I really needed them.  I needed to get portions under control, I needed to eat healthier, I needed to lose weight.  The WW program at the time was the original point program which in the first 3 months of my membership switched to points plus.  I loved these programs.  Not only did it provide me guidelines to follow, it taught me portion control, making healthier choices and I lost 40 lbs. bringing me to a Lifetime Membership within the year.  Then I walked away....
And then, you know what happened.  I tried to get it under control by doing the program on my own and/or going back...but that original enthusiasm wasn't there and I'd end up paying WW to lose and gain the same 10 lbs over and over.

A few years back, I once again walked into a meeting and rejoined.  The first few weeks I kept noticing a sign that said "Coming Soon - The Biggest Change In 50 Years".  I felt somewhat relieved..."great, they are doing away with points".  Points have a bad habit of controlling your life; even if you're doing another program you still have this point calculation going on in your head.  It's like you've been brainwashed.  The biggest change, however, was not doing away with points; as a matter of fact, it wasn't a big change at all just another point program, smart points.  At first I jumped right in, thought the change would help, but it didn't.  I'd sit in meetings where all these people would lose tons of weight - I'm not kidding you when I say that one lady lost 30 lbs in a 2 week period (is that even possible? or healthy?); I was losing/gaining tenths of a pound.  It was depressing, so I did what every other depressed overweight person does - I ate.  I one time was able to say that I had a 4 lb loss; but it only occurred because I had switched back to the old program - points plus.  A big no-no, we don't mention past programs because smart points is the best program.  I hated smart points, smart points was a huge fail for me (and I have no issue with those that loved it).  For some reason I continued paying WW and kept going.

Then all of a sudden, smart points wasn't the best.  They changed to Free Style, giving you a list of foods that could be counted as 0 pts and leaving you daily/weekly smart points for anything off the list.  Since this seemed a step towards their hidden plan Simply Filling, I felt I could get on board.  But, no....I had been pointed out and WW out for too long of a period.  They could have spoon fed me and it would not have worked.  But I've continued on......paying them for nothing.
Back in December, I finally decided to hit that cancel button; and WW came back with 2 free I've continued.  And that 2 months is coming to an end and it's left me struggling with should I continue? or is it truly time to move on?

Last meeting a sub was doing the weigh-in (the receptionists are now called "guides") and out of the blue she asked me "What did you do nice for yourself this past week?"  I was a little taken back, can't we skip chit-chat and just weigh?  She repeated herself so I answered "I ate food".  Certainly not the answer she wanted to hear but she fakingly laughed it off and since I had a small loss (those tenths again) she delcared I had done well.  I couldn't help but wonder what she'd of said if I had gained.

Then I came across this blog post:  Requiem for a Weight Watcher and saw myself all through it!  It was very eye opening and made me decide that I needed to end my relationship with WW.

I may try Points Plus again using the unofficial app itrackbites or I may go with calorie counting or I may just watch what and how much I eat.  Either choice is free and let's me watch my own weight rather than vice versa.

So I've started over this blog for the hundredth time, to try to get a good journey started.
Join me, wish me luck!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why I Still Watch "The Walking Dead"

When we were little, my cousin CC and I LOVED horror  movies.  Our absolute favorite to watch (with every light on in the house) was Night of the Living Dead.  I'm not sure the obsession with this one particular movie, but it still scares me whenever I watch it; and I do have to watch it whenever I come across it.

That movie started our zombie love and we still see every zombie movie that comes out (we don't like the running zombies by the way).  So when we read that a tv series called The Walking Dead was coming, we squealed with excitement.

And we weren't disappointed, the show started off with a bang and kept going.  Having to wait that whole year after the first season was torture....but Season 2 arrived and we're in Season 9.

I dove into the comic books and have read up through the war with Negan.  I haven't gone further but I know what's coming from the internet.

Did the show stay true to the source material?  No it hasn't.  I like this because what's the point of the show if I know absolutely everything that is going to happen?

Was the Negan storyline too long?  Yes, it was.  And some of those iconic scenes from the comic didn't transfer over well onto tv.  I know people were disappointed; I know people complained; I know viewers were lost; BUT the show was trying to appease all the comic fans with the scenes they wanted to see happen on screen, whether right or wrong it's over now.

I stopped watching when so-and-so died; biggest mistake they ever made.  Hmmmm....maybe, maybe not.  Just because they may of been YOUR favorite character doesn't mean they never should die.  We lose people we love in real life; losing major characters on the show just mirrors that.  Each death affected someone in someway and made them move forward into the character's next stage.  Do I still wish Rick was around (after all the story started with him).  I do, I like the character but if the actor wanted to go...let's face it...who else would we accept in that part?  No one.  I do believe the show made a HUGE error from the comic by killing off Carl.  I always thought it was Carl's story to tell.  I thought the series would end with old timer Carl telling the story to his grandchildren on how he survived the time the dead walked.  However, Carl's death didn't make me want to stop watching the show.

I like the show.  I like most of the characters and even the ones I don't like I want to watch to see their demise (cause you know that will happen). 

I'll watch this show until the end.

Monday, February 4, 2019

New Blog To Check Out

I've found a new blog that is fast becoming a favorite:   Dee Dee Does
There is TONS of information on this site, helpful hints & tips, recipes, food plans, freezer name it she's got you covered.  Go over and check her out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Don't Judge Me

Don't judge me but I like watching the show Sister Wives.

I don't believe in the lifestyle and the family on this particular show live their lives like the rest of us with the exception there is one husband for all the wives.  This isn't one of those pologamist cults where they inter-marry and such.  It's just a man with 4 wives and lot of kids.

Anyway.....  the season just started and it surrounded wife #1 Meri.  Meri use to be my favorite wife up until a few years back when she became all whiny and self-centered.  A lot wouldn't agree with me, but they seem to forget the lifestyle these people have chosen to live.

Meri's daughter is grown; why should she help financially with the continued care of the younger children - they aren't hers.
In case you've forgotten....  Meri is a pologamist which means there is no's OURS.  So yes the rest of the children are her responsibility.

Why can't anyone be supportive of Meri's wish to buy the Bed & Breakfast.
Actually they are, BUT..... Meri is asking the family to fork over $40,000 for a down payment.  $40,000 that they DO NOT HAVE.  Even if they had it, Meri has yet to present anything about this business other than she wants it because it once belonged in her family.  Oh she has a half a**ed business plan (that she denied having until she realized she really needed one) and well "in her head" she has a plan.  Yes, I must roll my eyes here.
**NOTE**  All this information is old...Meri bought the B&B about 2 years ago.

And then there's the cat fishing.  Another thing that happened to Meri a few years back that the show seems to think we want to hear about again and again and again.  Meri finds other people who have been catfished to tell their story, this way everyone knows it's not just her.  However, ask Meri a question about her own experience?  She shuts down and cries and won't talk about it.  Why is that Meri?  Is it because you fell in love with an online persona and saw it as an out only to learn you'd been duped.  What about it are you afraid to tell the family?  THAT'S the only thing more I want to hear about this storyline - YOUR STORY.

But besides all that Meri plays the victim.  Everyone feel sorry for poor Meri because she has a 5 bedroom house all to herself.  Everyone feel sorry for poor Meri because her daughter is off to college and has left her with an empty nest.  Everyone feel sorry for poor Meri because she missed the first grandchild birth.  Poor Meri....everyone is just out to get her.

And seriously, who is this therapist the family has been seeing for years?  She absolutely has helped NO ONE in their struggles...time for someone new!

Okay, I'm done dishing on Meri.  But hey Meri, do yourself a favor....find your OWN therapist to hash out all this stuff with.  Stop taking everything so personally.  You have a successful online clothing business, you have your B&B, you have a thankful for all of that.  Become the Meri we all know you can be!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Oh The Weather......And Challenges

Friday I started the 100 Mile Challenge.  This is the third year I've done this; all you do is walk one mile a day for 100 days.  I do this fairly, I mean after all it is a challenge to become more active so why cheat it?  By fairly I mean that I physically walk one mile each day specifically for this challenge.  I don't let all my steps for the day count into it.... I walk the mile.

Friday was the first day, so I did the walk with Toby.  Dogs don't keep the walk at a very good that won't be an everyday thing.  Hubby did the walk with me this morning....before the winter storm hit.

The storm isn't as bad as had been predicted.  We had some snow; it's now sleet and I believe it will be rain by morning.  There is a cold front coming in though to start the week.  Brrrrrr.......

Three day weekend, bad weather and well just sitting around binge watching.....leads to snacking.  I am happy to say that my 30 Day Challenge of no potato chips is going fine, we're on day 19.  But days like this, I want a chip!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Weight Loss, Visuals and What Not

This week I had a .8 loss.  I had been hoping for a whole pound, but I'll take any loss.  That's 3 weeks in a row for a loss, which is very good for me.

I know I could do better, but I'm getting there a little at a time.

In a previous recent post I had mentioned my "why"....funny that that was again the topic at the meeting this week.  Though I don't share my "why", some do and like mine some were told that wasn't good enough.  I think that is so wrong...a "why" is a personal thing and no ones "why" should be considered wrong.  Get with the program WW and stop making your members feel like they are failing.

I came across "visuals" on the WW site.  It talks about making a Vision Board.  I think visuals can be very helpful with weight loss.  I remember starting WW way back in 2010.  We were each given a little cardboard bookmark.  With every 5 pound loss, you got a 5 lb star sticker to go on the bookmark.  It was encouraging to see those little stars add up.  WW did away with this very encouraging visual..... now their talking "visuals" .....doesn't make much sense does it?

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Good Start To The Year

I'm happy to say I was down another 1.2 this week at weigh-in.  Yay Me!

I'm not totally on plan, but I am paying more attention to what I'm eating and trying not to overdue anything.  I am, however, 12 days in on the "no chips for 30 days" challenge; though that hasn't been overly hard today I am really craving chips, mostly because they are calling for snow and it's one of those...."let's Netflix all day and snack" days.  There's always an obstacle.

I did get my planner and though not exactly what I'm looking for, I have taken the page where it shows you the whole month and put a smiley sticker with the amount I lost on the weigh-in days.  It's nice to see.  WW has taken away all those visuals without even thinking how encouraging they are.

Romeo, my new kitty, has adjusted very well and he and my cat Rooker have become fast friends.

Other than that, things have pretty much been the same.