Sunday, June 9, 2019

And Thus We Begin Again.....

No the weight loss has not gone's pretty much non-existence.

I keep looking for an easier way....a calorie counting app.  I've paid for I don't know how many...and yet they all do the same - count calories.  I have no idea why I think one is different from another.

I then convinced myself that TOPS was the way to go.  I went to their website, I signed up for online and ordered their manual with it (so I'd have the hard copy) and a few other things.  Though they don't recommend a certain diet, they do mention the "exchange" diet.  I was very excited...paid my $50.00 (that was for everything - yearly fee is like $32).  Waited for my confirmation email and eagerly wanted to get on the website, review everything so I'd be ready for the online meeting on Thursday.   **Crickets**...the confirmation email never came....I waited 24 hours and sent an email as instructed.  **Crickets** that email has never been answered.  My excitement started to go downhill.  I did however start to get emails from the person in charge of online.  When I started getting them, I went back to the website and discovered I NOW had access to the member things.  I looked forward to the online meeting...HOWEVER, I needed set up for that..and by the time the email for that was answered, the meeting was over.  I became discouraged with TOPS.  I put the manual and other things in a box and filed it away.  I'll never use it.

HOWEVER..... after a talk with Hubby, we both agreed that I needed to go back to Weight Watchers.  It's what always worked for me...and I really need the meetings.

If you remember....I signed up for online access.  I did a 3 month deal.  But I went into settings to UPGRADE the account to meetings.  It said I couldn't as I was in contract for 3 months.  Hmmmm.....  that would make sense if I was trying to downgrade or quit...but I wasn't, I wanted to UPGRADE....certainly I should be allowed to do that; I mean an UPGRADE means more money for them.  But no, couldn't do it.

I called customer service.  Was told I would need to pay $39 to cancel the 3 month deal, then could sign up for meetings.  REALLY???  I only owe one more payment of $18.00, so why would I pay $39???  Idiots!  I've opted to wait it out for now.  But, yes I AM going back to Weight Watchers.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Want A New Pet? Go To A Shelter!

I'm all about getting pets from a shelter.  I've nothing against legitimate breeders and if a purebred is what you want, by all means go get one - from a LEGITIMATE breeder.

Two of my dogs came from local shelters, the other a rescue.  There's a difference between shelters and rescues.  Though both are in the business of saving animal lives, they operate very differently.  Some are harder to adopt from and some have very expensive prices.

I agree that you want to place an animal into a "good" home.....but your idea of "good" and someone else's may fall short of each others.  Very often "good" homes get rejected.

This is a perfect article on the subject:  I Rejected The Perfect Pet Adoption Family

Our Toby came from a rescue that was pretty much walk-in / walk-out; prices averaged between $300-$450.  Toby's been with us for over 13 years; he's slowing down but I never regretted his $360 price tag and I always recommend the rescue to friends.

Both Lucy and Dexter came from local shelters.  Again both were easy processes; prices were a little less than Toby; but the process was fairly simple.

I bring this subject up not because of how easily my adoptions were but more so because I know someone trying to adopt a dog right now.

And it's been a nightmare.

They've been dog owners in the past and their dogs have lived very long lives.  Their last dog was one of those unexpected deaths; where you had to make that awful decision.  It devasted both of them.

They got a cat.  Now they are ready for a dog.

A co-worker and his wife foster dogs for a rescue.  They were fostering a dog that they thought was perfect for them.  They sent pictures and videos.  CC and hubby liked her and filled out the application.  The phone interview was this horrifying ordeal.  They were eventually rejected because they both work.  Yeah, you read that right - they both work and the rescue feels that dogs shouldn't be left at home for long periods of time.  Strange since the fosters both work and are out for the same amount of time.

None the less, she got on Petfinder and made a search...a few days later Petfinder sent an email with a photo of a dog they thought matched her search.  They again fell in love.  Filled out an application and were approved but couldn't have the dog until all her recent puppies were weaned.  That was fine except that day has come and went and the rescue has stopped responding to emails and FB messages.  She had asked for some more photos - she got none; she had asked to be able to set up a time to meet the dog - no one answered.  It's just the sound of crickets for right now.  We have no idea if they are getting the dog or not.

I highly recommend the following if you want a new pet:

1.  Petfinder is a wonderful source as are the webpages/FB pages of rescues/shelters.  But there may be many many more there than what's online.  That pet you fall in love with online may look very different in person or may not be a good match.  Take a day and go visit these places (if the rescue doesn't have an actual building but instead relies on fosters - ask for a time or find out where they may be for festivals and such).  Go out to find your dog!

2.  If the rescue doesn't have an actual phone number listed and doesn't list its entire adoption process or prices right on their site - find another one.  If they stop responding?  Move on.  There are too many animals in need of homes to stress over just one.

3.  Find a dog on craigslist or such?  Don't send or hand over money until you have the dog in hand.  And don't go's a scary world out there.

Homeless animals are everywhere, don't let the processes get you down.

***UPDATE:  Despite being given a date of when the dog would be ready...the rescue just finally stopped responding to emails and blocked her from FB!!!!  After several days she finally got an email response that the foster was adopting her.  OKAY....that's fine, but how about just letting an approved applicant know that instead of cutting off communication?????***

****UPDATE:  CC and hubby have adopted a dog from the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA.  A dog that has been returned a few times due to house training issues.  A dog that has finally found their forever home with a family willing to put the time and effort into training the dog.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Awww.... The First Day On Weight Watchers

Day One has gone pretty well.

For breakfast I opted for 2 eggs, 1 piece light toast with spray butter and 3/4 cup of milk for a total of 3 sp.

I hadn't prepared for lunch (yeah, bad me), so I went to Chipotle and got a bowl which consisted of white rice, chicken, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, corn and sour cream on the side.  It's still pointy even with the free stuff.  I ate all the chicken but only ate half of the rest and very little sour cream.  I figured it came to 9 sp.

For dinner I have chicken breast with shake n' bake and a small sweet potato for a total of 4 pts.  I'll have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, so that'll be covered.

I kind of want to count calories at least for the first week as well and I'm using Lose It for that.  I just think it will help.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Today I Rejoined Weight Watchers

Today I rejoined Weight Watchers.

Oh yeah, I've done it before. I have a long history with Weight Watchers. 

Back in September 2010, I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting and began my first journey.

Back then it was the original point program, mostly referred to as "classic points" these days. When Weight Watchers used the phrase "eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight"; this was the plan they were referring to. There were no phone apps, most people didn't have smartphones anyway, but there was a point calculator and pen & paper. Classic points calculated using calories, fat and fiber. You had daily points and everyone got 35 weeklies. It was a pretty simple plan actually..forget your calculator? That's okay, 50 calories equaled 1 point. The math was easy.

I lost 20 lbs. in my first 3 months on classic.

Then they changed the program to Points Plus. 

Points Plus took those bad nasty carbs and made all the snacky things go up in points.  You still had your daily points and everyone got 49 weekly points. Using a calculation of fat, carbs, fiber and protein and making fruit "zero pts" led to hits and misses.    This plan also introduced the mobile app.  The math was still easy with 39 calories equaling 1 point (to make it easier most did 40 calories for 1 point).  The "misses" with this plan took the zero point food too literal.  They over ate it.  They used it in place of vegetable servings.  They then complained that the program didn't work.

Though not everything works for everyone, most were failing because they over ate in fruit.

None-the-less, like it's predecessor...Points Plus was a popular plan.

This plan was a hit for me...losing another 20 lbs and becoming a Lifetime Member by August 2011.

At Lifetime, I realized that the weight I was at was not sustainable for me in the long term.  Not wanting to pay for being over my goal, I walked away from Weight Watchers.

Then you know what happened.......  I maintained at a weight approximately 5 lbs more than the goal for a while.  Then the weight started coming back on.  It doesn't happen all at once, it sneaks up on you and you try to convince yourself you have it under control and it's okay.  You know, the pants are a little tighter - but hey they still fit and I can take off a pound or two to make it right.  Then you're up a size - buy hey, I still look great and what's a size?  Just a number!

You get the picture, you try to convince yourself that it isn't happening.  Then one day you look in the mirror and realize you are back to square one.

I don't know how many times over and over I rejoined Weight Watchers.....I'd lose, I'd regain and nothing more really happened.  That newbie feeling wasn't there and that gave me so much success last time.

Back in September 2016 I walked back to a Weight Watchers meeting.  I had to.  The first thing I noticed was all the signs about the "biggest change in 50 years coming to Weight Watchers".  You know what I thought?  Hurray!  Something new, something different and hopefully no more points!

Was I ever wrong.....  nope, not really a big change at all just another point program.  And thus, Smart Points was born!  Attacking that nasty sugar....and making all those sweet treats balloon in points.  Using calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein as the calculation.......  Smart points was a huge fail for me.  I tried really, but I was losing and relosing the same 10 lbs over and over.  I couldn't stick to it.  I craved sweet things, which isn't the norm for me (salty yes, sweet no) and since that sweet stuff cost so much in points?  I just didn't track it.  Yes, I know it was my fault, but I couldn't get on board with this plan.  I wasn't stupid though....I knew what Weight Watchers was doing...with each plan it was pushing you to be a little bit healthier.  I understood.

Then Freestyle came along.  Now there was a list of 200 plus foods that you didn't have to count points for.  Remember when I mentioned the "misses" with the zero point fruit when Points Plus came out?  Well you can imagine what's happening here.

Freestyle is a good plan.  I imagine over time more will be added to that no count food list to everyone is just eating the way they should.  I failed at Freestyle then, because I just wasn't in the Weight Watchers mood.

Back in the Fall, Weight Watchers got crazy and changed their name from Weight Watchers to WW (pronounced double you - double you)...made their receptionists "guides" the leaders "coaches" and the meetings "studios".  Sorry Weight Watchers, I'll never use these stupid terms!  But after a few months I knew I needed a break from Weight Watchers.

And now I'm back!  No meetings this time, I'll do digital for a while.  I'm hoping my head is in the right place for this!