Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My "Normal"

WW has a new "ambassador"  - Kate Hudson.

Regardless what you want to call it "ambassador" "spokesperson" "whatever"....I am never impressed or inspired by celebrities when it comes to weight loss or about anything else.

I don't understand why WW can't pick a normal everyday person to be the spokesperson - someone normal everyday people like me can relate to.

I voiced this on the FB page....  someone was quick to point out that Kate was normal and had a normal life outside of the spotlight with a family.

Well, okay...maybe my choice of using the word normal wasn't the best, but c'mon everyone knew what I was saying and most agreed.

Let me explain something to you..... I have nothing against Kate Hudson, I actually like her movies and if she feels she needs to lose weight after having her last child; she is more than welcome to the WW world.....but why does she have to be an "ambassador" why not a regular normal member like most of us?   I'm guessing it's because she's being PAID by WW. 

But let's say she isn't being paid to endorse....  I can assure that Kate's normal and my normal are not the same. 

My normal?  I can just afford to go to WW (remember I was quitting until they offered me 2 free months).  So I pay for WW but I can't also pay for a gym membership - it's one or the other.  Do you think Kate has this issue?  I'm betting not.  As a matter of fact I'm betting Kate has a gym at her house and a personal trainer that makes house calls. We know she had her own activity clothing line (wonder when that'll be available to buy through WW).

My normal?  I'm going to make my meals with foods I can afford.  There will be no strange ingredients, nothing organic.  I have to eat within my means.  I'm betting Kate's normal is just a tad bit different than my normal.  She can afford to buy whatever, she probably has her own garden, she may even have someone to cook and plan her meals....all things totally out of my reach.

My normal?  In addition to WW, I'll work a full time job; clean house, take care of animals and the hubby and basically collapse into bed at night.  Kate's normal?  I'm betting there is a house cleaner and some child care help available.

I'm not dishing Kate...I'm just saying I can't relate to her normal.  Kate grew up in a celebrity household, she's never lived my normal.  So Kate can't inspire me.  If she can inspire you, that's fine...but don't try to tell me I'm wrong in not appreciating the people WW chooses to represent them.

I'll stick to social media where the normal  everyday inspirations exists.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Step Back, Re-Think, Pull Together....

I tried to cancel my WW membership this week....I hit cancel, they asked me if I was sure, I hit cancel, they wanted to know why....I chose one of the reasons and hit cancel, they asked if I was sure, I hit cancel and then they told me they cared about my health and would I like 2 FREE months.

Wait? What?   Of course, I said yes....so now I have a WW membership good until March.  HOWEVER, with that being said......

I still need to pull myself together...but lately I've been feeling sluggish, knees hurting and such and I know it's because of my weight.  So I NEED TO get back on track....it probably isn't going to happen over Christmas but right after that; it NEEDS to.

A lot of the long timers at my meeting are feeling the same, they are in the give up stage.  At first I was going to restart my blog all over...but after thinking about it, I thought that was silly.  After all the "give up stage" and the back and forth with other  apps/diets is all part of the weight loss journey and it would be unfair if I wasn't sharing those parts.

So now I'm looking up recipes and encouragement....and hopefully my new journey will be successful!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Buh-Bye WW

In order to Find My Laura, I need to walk away from WW.  There’s nothing more that WW can teach me and though I’ll miss the other members…I think it’s time to move on and stop wasting my money.  So by the end of the year....we're parting ways.

I’ve decided to continue on with the  itrackbites app.  There are some really good changes coming to it within the next few months and I’ll be able to do my point plan of choice *points plus* and also be able to see my calorie usage with the points!  How great is that?!  For those into micros?  You can do that instead of calories.  I also still have the Lose It app to work with as well.   I may go back to WW when I need to maintain…that’s all Free Style seems to do for me.

My eating lately has been half and half…I do well for a few days and then terrible for the next.  Despite how bad I do the weight seems to just stay around the same….but stay totally on plan?  I gain!  Explain that???

**Update**  I'm now one of the people beta testing the upgraded itrackbites app for android.  Everything isn't working totally correct yet but I really like it and am eager for it to finalize.  The iPhone upgraded version should now be available to all....it does still have some quirks and seems to work perfectly for some but not for others...I think some of that may be due to the change in the look and finding where everything is.  Some don't like change, I get it but it's not like they didn't see this coming.  Android version won't be ready for a few weeks yet but I think you'll really love it - I DO!

On a happier front.....  I am liking the all the Christmas lights and I even bought some Christmas cards that may or may not get mailed out....sometimes I'm just lazy.  But at least it is something!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Why I Hate The Holidays

I hate Christmas.

There, I've said it.  I'm a Grinch or a Scrooge, whatever you want to call it.

As a kid, I enjoyed Christmas just like all the other kids.  As an adult I've enjoyed it less and less and it gets less each year.

I don't know if it's because the stores start cramming Christmas down our throats in July or what; but really when does Christmas begin and end???

And what is with the people that start decorating months in advance?  WHAT IS THAT?

But I think mostly I hate Christmas, not because it's become so commercial but because everyone wants to claim the holiday for themselves.

I'm a Christian, I may say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or Enjoy Your Holidays....if someone says to me any holiday greeting for any other religion or culture - I DON'T CARE....it's just a nice greeting.  I'm really sick of the "select few" speaking for the rest of us.  I get sick of the debate between whether we should call it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree - for gosh sake people IT'S JUST A TREE WITH SOME DECORATIONS - it's not an insult to anyone; it's a tree.

And hey Christians - it's okay to shorten the word Christmas to Xmas; and since it's obvious you nay-sayers are too lazy to google it, go here:  Why Is There An X in Xmas?  Secondly....the ancient Pagens had a celebrations at this time of the year; to convert Pagens to Christianity....Christians learned that it was easier to pull in some of the Pagen customs and make them their own.  No, we are not celebrating a Roman god as the Pagens did....but we took over that celebration and made it our own.  Again for the lazy people.....Why is Christmas Celebrated on December 25th?

And then there's the gift giving......I hate hate hate hate it!  Now I'm going to sound very ungrateful but I don't mean to be.  If someone thinks enough of me to give me a gift; then I really appreciate it...but in all honesty, I probably don't really need it.  I'm older now and I buy my needs and wants all year long.  Yes, the body washes/lotions/sprays are a nice gift....but I don't use them; I re-gift them.  Knick-Knacks?  Yes, I have a few but I don't really have space for more; again a re-gift.  Candles?  I do have a few, but it isn't something I really use and with the pets in my house, a little dangerous to use.  See????  I appreciate the thought, but don't really need anything.  A simple card or a verbal greeting is all I need.

Then there's the gifts that the giver intended to do right but missed it all  together.  You know the things collecting dust and every time the giver asks you lie and claim you use it all the time?  Know what I'd use all the time?  A hair dryer.  Know what I won't?  Some type of kitchen appliance.  If I want a kitchen appliance, I'll buy it.  Even if I say something like "I'd like to have one of them", I'll buy it if I really want it.  I have a small house and just have no room for these things.  The thought is appreciated; but just give me a card.

Then there's the buying I feel obligated to do....you read that right "obligated".  I'm not talking my family...they are the easy ones and for the most part we don't exchange gifts like we use to (thankfully).  It's the other ones and I'm sure those receivers feel the exact same way I do as mentioned in the two paragraphs above - so why are we doing it?

I do like the get togethers at Christmas, the socializing, but why are they limited to just Christmas?

In all, I'm sure I'm not alone.  Christmas will go on....and I'll continuing hating it for being what it is.

Happy Holidays to all of you!!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Good Start

Thanksgiving is over and I now know that it is time to get back into the weight loss bandwagon.

Since I have had absolutely no interest in WW since they introduced Smartpoints, I've decided to stop fighting it and go with calorie counting.  There are things I ate on points/point plus and lost weight that are way too many points on Freestyle/Smartpoints.  It's time to get back to the basics.

I came across these:

They remind me of the Kind bars and are very good.  There are several different flavors.  I paired one of these with yogurt and a banana this morning, and it makes a really filling breakfast not to mention a great grab and go option.

I also bought some tuna, soup and oatmeal to help with the journey.  Simple easy things to get me through breakfast and lunch.

I picked Lose It as my calorie counter and upgraded to the premium service as I got a good deal on it.

It's a good start!

When Family Dynamics Aren't So Dynamic

I've been wanting to write this post for a while.  I've searched the internet to try to find similar situations, but I haven't found any.

Everything I find is titles of "Overbearing Grandparents"  "Uninvolved Grandparents"  "When Grandparents Interfere" "How to teach Grandparents who is boss" "Grandparents that don't care"

See?  Everything assumes that grandparents are horrible people who try to undermine the parents or could care less about being grandparents.

I never had children of my own, that was by choice.  I did, however, marry a man who had a son and a daughter.  I love them both.

They are both grown now and have families of their own.  My step-daughter (SD) has 3 boys and they are the oldest of the grandchildren (ages 10, 7, 5).  I can't believe how much they've grown.  The boys have 3 sets of grandparents.  I've kind of never wanted to overstep any boundaries here; but there really don't seem to be many.  We mostly see them on birthdays and holidays but I can call anytime and stop over.  It works for us, it works for them.  We can't afford fancy presents and/or take them on vacations; but they don't seem to need us to do that and it hasn't made anyone feel that we weren't trying enough.  I don't think that the boys love the other grandparents more than us; I think they accept all of us as we are and do not expect anymore.

My step-son (SS) has a son and a daughter (ages 3 & 1).  On this side there are 4 sets of grandparents.  Again, I try not to overstep boundaries and we seemed to have brought the same attitude with them as we do with our SD.  We see them on birthdays and holidays mostly.  It's a little different when it comes to calling and stopping over.  It's a lot different.  Sometimes it's not a good time (totally understandable) or you schedule in advance and show up to an empty house (they forgot).  As a matter of fact, it seemed so hard to get an "appointment" that we just gave up.

When my SS son's birthday came up this year, I was sick.  I had a really bad flu going around, was told I was contagious by a doctor and well just needed to wait it out.  We missed this grandson's birthday; not because we didn't remember it nor because we didn't care.  Obviously I wasn't going to make it; but when the birthday text message invite went out....neither hubby or I got it.

Please know....I never once said nor do I believe that we were intentionally missed on that text....but we didn't get it.  Needless to say this caused more drama then I needed when I was home with the flu and really?  Was this a life or death situation?  No, no it wasn't.

BUT, it was to my SS and his wife.  We should of called, face timed, or whatever to wish our grandson a Happy Birthday.  Yeah, maybe....but no, I just can't agree.  It was so dramatic to my DIL that she unfriended me on FB.

It blew over.....and time passed.  Then my SS started to want to have breakfast with his father on Sunday mornings.  I was glad for this and it gives my husband much joy.  The breakfast was my SS's way of making some amends, but not totally without laying some guilt out.  He's able to make time for these breakfasts because his wife is re-arranging her schedule for him to do it (see how much effort she's willing to give); our poor grandson cried one day in a store because he thought another guy was my husband (see how much your grandson misses you)....  you get it; it was a let's guilt you into more time.  They had made no plans for Thanksgiving but hinted they'd like to go to my family's for dinner.

Are you ready for it?  So we invited them to my family's dinner....but, but, but....they had to turn it down.  Why??  Well dinner start time was nap time.  They couldn't possibly re-arrange nap time to accommodate; that just throws everything off.  They would however see us later in the evening at my SD's.  Hmmmmm......

Except....they DID re-arrange nap time to accommodate HER parents.  The photos are right there on FB and the kids are wide awake!

And we all had a great time at my SD's later, though I felt my DIL didn't want much to do with us.

Was I hurt?  Not really; I've learned to expect it and I really think it was done intentionally because they aren't over the fact that we missed our grandson's birthday!

So......  if you're a parent wondering why your parents aren't as involved as you think they should be with their grandchildren...or aren't the grandparents you expected them to be....or don't fit the mold of what you deem a good grandparent....or don't act like the other grandparents....   maybe just maybe there's a reason, and maybe just maybe you're part of that reason.  Ask yourself, "Are you building it up or tearing it down?" and "Are you going to hold grudges forever; will that help?"

So you can call me "uninvolved" if you like, that's okay....just give the real reason as to why I'm not; not your made up reason.

To all the UNWANTED grandparents out there - I understand totally.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Never Binge Again

I'm still in the WW dumps and there's no end in sight.  Just not with it.

I did come across this ebook though:

and website:  Never Binge Again

He refers to that little voice in your head that encourages you to binge and/or eat unhealthy things as "the pig".  It's really a "mind" book.

I'm only one chapter in but it does hold some truth to it.  He says you should create your own meal plan, something you can stick to.  It really has made me look at things in a different light.

Let's take "cake" for instant.  I could throw cake on the list of food not allowed, but by doing that I'm saying I will never ever eat another piece of cake EVER.  Is that realistic?  Can I really never ever eat cake again?

Of course not.....but I can limit cake intake by putting it on a "special occasion food list".  Ah-ha!  Makes since doesn't it?

So I'm hoping to move further a long in the book and hopefully give me some mojo.