Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Me & Weight Watchers

First, for those who don't know me, my name is Laura and I'm a WW Lifetime Member not at goal.  I've had other blogs over the years (all gone now and not all weight related):  Stratcat Online, The Dog Ate My Sofa......

My journey with WW started in September 2010 on the Original Point program.  In the first 3 months I had lost 20 lbs.  Then the program changed to Points Plus.  I lost another 20 lbs. on it and made Lifetime.  Couldn't stay at goal and lost and gained over and over again and again.

I've been in and out of WW so many times and they changed the program again and again.  Smart Points was their next one and one I fought as I didn't want to give up my sugar...or rather, I didn't want my sugar taking all my points for the day.  I failed.

Then Freestyle came along.  If I really put my mind to it....I can do Freestyle.  Actually if I put my mind to any of the programs I can do the program.  Isn't that 90% of the weight loss issue anyway?  Your mind needs to be in the game?
I'm trying to get there, I really am; and just needed a place to type my thoughts.

Why this title?
Finding My Laura came about after a high school reunion. A school friend asked me to share my Weight Watcher journey which I did with all the highs and lows. She later told me on Facebook that she joined WW because my journey inspired her. I told her I wish I still had that "newbie" feeling for weight loss. She replied that maybe I need to "find my own Laura" to help inspire me on.

And ta-da! Finding My Laura was born!