Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Walking Dead

I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan - H U G E......

Over the years I've spent a lot of time on the world wide web on message boards and such reading through all the fan chatter - it seems the Walking Dead fandom is full of people who are experts on story writing, acting ability and directing.  Sad, but true.

I loved The Walking Dead since episode 1 and watch each episode so many times, I could probably give you a very detailed walk through.  I have read some of the graphic novel up to a point as well.  Yep, I'm pretty much a walking deadhead.

May I ask the fandom a favor?  Absolutely no one else say "The last episode will be Rick waking up from a coma and everything was a dream."  Anyone who says that, says it as if they are they only one to ever think of that theory....guess what?  You're not; I've heard it many many many times.....AND if you're really a fan, you'd know by now that Robert Kirkman has said many many times that that isn't how it's going to end because that would be a cheat to fans - what's happening is actually stop mentioning the coma thing okay?

Next.....I hate to see Andrew Lincoln leave the show too; but I don't see it as a death sentence to the show.  Since the show has always revolved around Rick as who the story is about.....think of all the new things that can happen, all the new adventures, scenery and story lines.  I think there is great potential here.  And remember, Andrew chose to leave, the show didn't just get rid of him so quit complaining to the higher powers.

Stop wishing the storyline away.....When the group was on the farm back in season 2...all I heard about was The Governor and the prison storyline......when that finally arrived, the fans complained the storyline took too long and oh well The Governor is nothing - wait to Negan gets here.  Negan, Negan, Negan.....that's all I heard for I don't know how long....then he shows up and then all I heard was The Whisperers.  Let's get something straight - don't rush the story wanted Negan then complained that the story took to long.  Guess what?  The Whisperers storyline is like forever in the graphic novel; I can't imagine what you all will do once that starts playing out on your tv. 

Slow down, sit back and enjoy!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Keto Diet

Let's discuss the Keto Diet since it's the big diet craze of the moment.

I'm no expert on Keto, though I did do Atkins at one time and that's in the same category, but I know many who haved jumped the band wagon and have been successful.  

Let's put one thing out there "any diet plan you choose you will be successful with as long as you are doing it".
Basically it means it has to be something you can live with...FOREVER.

Keto is a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. There are many resources available online. Since this is the current diet craze,  there are people/companies trying to sell products to go with the diet. Please be aware you do not need these products to do this diet, don't be fooled.

You will need to plan your meals, you will need to make your meals, you will probably have to give up some of your favorite foods but once you know the program you'll do fine.

I'm not for or against this diet. Each individual needs to decide what will work best for them.

Check the bottom of the side bar for links to Keto websites.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Product Review

I don't know if it's just the product itself or if it was just needed, but yesterday I replaced our wifi router.

Yes, this post has nothing to do with weight loss but my blog isn't designed for just one topic.


We have 2 smart tv's, 2 smart phones, numerous tablets and a desktop.  We depend a lot on our wifi.  The smart tv in the bedroom often had issues streaming Hulu as it was furtherest from the smartphone was becoming difficult to do web searches on as it was always freezing.  It's frustrating!

I was housesitting at my one sister's house last week and she had gotten a new wifi router:

The Netgear AC1600 Smart WiFi Router

It had an interesting look (mine still has the antennas) and since the box was still there I started reading that this was a perfect router for a large home (which I don't have) and homes with multiple wifi devices (which I do have).  So when I was done the housesitting job, I went out and bought this same router.

Just so you know, when you have multi devices all fighting for the same wifi signal, it can slow things down; that apparently was what was happening in my house.  This router is made for just that, so it's a big help.

It took minutes to set this router up (easy peasy) and all the items now work like they should!  Gone are the days of my smartphone not web searching and Hulu not streaming correctly - everything works as it should.

Should of replaced that router a long time ago, lol!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Simply Filling

The last plan on our Weight Watchers Plan list is "Simply Filling".

What?  Weight Watchers has another plan?

Yep, they keep this one well hidden.

Simply Filling, sometimes referred to as the No Count Plan, is a more extreme version of Freestyle.

With Simply Filling the no count food list just got bigger (you do not get any daily points to use) - ALL low fat meats are included...that means low fat beef; potatoes are added to the no count vegetable list as well.  You'd be surprised what all is on the list:  whole wheat pastas (yep, you can now have pasta and not count it), light breads and fat free milk/yogurt (even the flavored ones) and much more.

And if you want something that isn't on the list?  You still have your weekly points to use.

Freestyle is a step towards Simply Filling.  I am predicting that Simply Filling will be the WW Plan within the next 5 years.  It just seems to be where it is heading.

Don't let this plan scare you.  There are some really good FB groups to help you with it and you'd be amazed of the recipes that are made with totally zero count foods.  It's definitely worth a look.

Weight Watchers keeps this well hidden on their website, so here's the direct link:

Simply Filling Information on the Weight Watchers Website

Simply Filling Brochure

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Beach Post

I'm at the beach this week and have that "I'm fat and look like crap" attitude going on. Nothing lets you know how much you're failing at weight loss than seeing yourself in a bathing suit.

I really hate myself over this and have been making a list of what I need to do in order to do better. I found the 4 week challenge on FB.

I don't believe I can do everything all at once, HOWEVER, I am going to aim for:  No chips or french fries, and the No cake, donuts, cookies or candy. 

I figure if I do it in steps, I won't get overwhelmed. I'll just work it with Freestyle, which will be easy because it fits perfectly.

So I have a plan.....that's a start.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018


So we've discussed Classic Points, Points Plus and Smart Points.  Now it's time to discuss the current Weight Watcher plan - FREESTYLE.

First, anything you need to count a point for is calculated the Smart Point way; so there's not new points to learn.

Weight Watchers took a look at what everyone was eating, took note of the filling options and created FREESTYLE.

Freestyle is a step between points and their Simply Filling plan.  Freestyle is an AWESOME plan and despite my dislike of Smart Points; I can overlook that part.

Freestyle gives you a list of 200 foods that you do not have to count points for; that list consists of vegetables, fruit, beans, chicken & turkey breast, seafood and eggs with a few exceptions.  Weight Watchers says to eat these foods until you are full, not stuffed and you don't have to weigh, measure and track them.

Wait? What?
Right, you don't have to weigh, measure or track them.

Let's back up here......just because you don't have to, doesn't mean you can't.  If you don't trust yourself, by all means weigh, measure and track.  Also remember, just because you don't have to count it (or count it as 0 pts) doesn't mean the food doesn't have calories, carbs, fat, sugar, etc...
Don't confuse 0 pts as 0 calories - it doesn't work that way.

The biggest complaint I hear about FREESTYLE - is that "if I knew how to stop eating when I am full, I wouldn't need Weight Watchers".  You are just like me!  So knowing need to weigh, measure and track it.  Yes the tracker will show 0 and that's fine; but at least you'll know serving sizes.  Sometimes you have to do what you know you need to do and stop blaming the program.

Side Note:   I once saw a post where a WW member was complaining about just this.  I offered the advice above to weigh, measure and track.  They thanked me and said they'd give that a try.  A few hours later (yep, just hours) they posted again complaining that if they had to weigh, measure and track then they really aren't doing Freestyle.....why can't they have the choice to go back to Smart Points.

Yeah, I shook my head and laughed too!  You were given advice...and without even giving it a came up with another excuse of why the program won't work for you.  First the excuse was you needed more structure, then when you were told well you can do that, you came back with well that's not really doing the program is it?  Actually, yes it is!  Notice the name FREE in the program - you're free to make it your own!

Obviously this was a person who just wanted Smart Points back but was failing to realize that on Smart Points they'd be weighing, measuring and why can't they do it on Freestyle?

Don't get hung up on only eating the 0 pt foods either.  The next biggest complaint?  I am so sick of eating eggs and chicken.   Ummm.....why are you eating so much of it?  Why aren't you using those points?

If you only eat off that list, you are depriving yourself and will get bored very easily with this plan.  You need to use those points.  Plan ahead....if you want burgers or pasta one night; fill that into the tracker and then work the rest of the day around it.  The points are there to be used....use them.

This is also in line with the people who accuse WW of forcing them to only eat certain foods - "they're trying to tell me what to eat"......again, you do not only have to eat the zero foods - use the points!  And no WW isn't forcing you to eat certain foods......they are nudging you towards healthy choices.  There's a huge difference.

Still Here and Still Moving Forward

Hi there....yeah I know, I've been away for a while.

Sometimes I just don't know what to write about.

Weight wise, I'm maintaining...which is good but I know I could be so much better.
Yesterday was a bad point day.  I managed to use  (are you ready for this?) 94 POINTS!  Yikes!

You read that right, 94......I'm now 31 points in the hole for the week.  How'd that happen?
Easy actually...I started the day with Funfetti Pancake Muffins from Drizzle Me Skinny.  I then had corn on the cob and watermelon for lunch.  Later in the afternoon as I felt like I was starving....I ended up at McDonald's for a McDouble no cheese, small fry and a large Caramel Frappe.......yep.....not good.  I then ended my day at Rutter's for fried chicken wings and mozzarella sticks.


So today, I'm starting out better.  Sundays mean a big meal at my parent's house so I opted for a bigger more filling breakfast to hopefully hold off eating too much there.  This is where you get a real eye opener:

Yesterday for breakfast, as I mentioned above, I had the Funfetti Pancake Muffins (which are awesome by the way) for 5 pts.

Today I had, a 1/2 batch of the pancake muffins (3 pts) along with 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon (2 pts) and a banana.  All for the same amount of points that yesterday was!  And much more filling!

Now I just need to get some walking in to get some of those weekly points would be nice to not be in the hole at weigh-in!