Tuesday, June 2, 2020

And Finally An Update!

Yep....I've been gone for a while.  These times have been so crazy, haven't they?

I started back on track yesterday.  Doing well so far, but it is only day 2.  I decided I needed to get lunch under control.  One of the reasons I have such a hard time with lunch is that my co-workers mostly eat out which makes their lunches look so much better than mine, lol!  So I try to come up with ways to recreate take out meals so I don't miss out.

Today I declared sub day (the rest of the week most likely).  When subs are ordered I always favor ham & cheese (I just don't like deli turkey meat).  One of the things that makes a sub a sub is the roll!  So light bread or hamburger/hotdog roll will not do.  I either use the club rolls or I buy hoagie rolls/steak rolls.  Depending on brand and size...the club rolls run about 4 sp and the larger ones run 5-6 sp.  When I buy the larger I cut them in half giving me a 3 sp roll.  Yes, you heard that right...I cut it in half and yes that makes a rather small sandwich; yet it turns out to be just enough!  I add 3 oz of ham and a slice of swiss cheese.  Buy the thin slices, they're only 1 sp a slice and it's the real thing.  Obviously you can use reduced fat or fat free varieties as well.  I top with 1/2 a tablespoon of light mayo.

I planned on having cucumber slices on the side but forgot to buy them at the store, so I dug into the guinea pig stash of baby carrots and had them instead.  I added two dill pickle slices as well.  With a sandwich, I do need something snacky.  I bought a bag of Utz Reduced Fat Potato Chips - 20 chips is one serving for 4 sp; I only counted out for 1/2 a serving for 2 sp.  I then added an orange to finish up. 

I ended up with this:

And it was very good - 8 sp total!

Friday, May 22, 2020

A Quick Update

Well I started with a bang and ended with a snooze......

Now I'm housesitting and all off whack, sigh....

I did one of the WW Video Meetings this evening; it was okay but not a meeting like I want. It was nice seeing my leader and 2 other members though.

In case you haven't heard, via a Zoom Call WW fired 4000 employees this week.  Most are guides and coaches from our meetings.  According to their recent quarterly meeting they plan on making the retail map smaller which translates to they plan on eliminating lots of meetings.  We won't know until things open up what is going to happen. Zoom meetings will continue also.  How they plan on doing lifetime is questionable though.   Meeting members are being physically weighed, Zoom would be an honor system.  Guess we'll wait and see.

On a happier note...I'm back on track!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

What's Your Why?

WW is real big on your "Why"?

"Why" do you want to lose weight?

You need a "Why".

What's your "Why"?

I'll be honest, I never had a "Why".  My philosophy has always been if your head is in the right state of mind to lose weight, the rest will follow.  And that is true...my first round with WW proved that.

So when I sit in meetings and people share their "Whys", I hear this:

"I want to be able to get on the floor with my kids/grandkids."

"I want to see my kids/grandkids grown up."

"I want to prevent getting <insert illness/disease here>."

"I was diagnosed with <insert illness/disease here>."

When asked for my "Why"....I've always said, "I just want to lose weight."

Guess what?  Just wanting to lose weight isn't an acceptable "Why".  We all want to do that...they want to know what for you personally - "Why do you want to lose weight"?

My answer was never good enough...but it was to me and for the past 4 years I've stuck with "wanting to lose weight".

I've never lost the weight; what little I have lost, I've regained.

But I continue to see everyone giving their "Whys".  And I have continued to insist you don't need one.

Until today.......  Readers - you do need a "Why".

Today, I got up and got dressed and went to work as usual.  Sometime during the morning I realized my one bra strap was all twisted and I went to the bathroom to straighten that out.  I walked in, locked the door and took off my shirt.  I was right in front of the mirror and when I looked up...I saw my "Why".

My stomach is HUGE....ever see someone with a beer gut?  That's how I look.  Even after putting my shirt back on I could see how large my stomach was.  How could I not of noticed that before?  Who was I kidding.  I'm not sticking to the WW diet...oh I do for a day or two....but even so it's not stopping me from downing a bag of chips every time I want it. 

I went back to my desk and stared at the Diet Coke sitting there.  I use to not have a Diet Coke until after I had at least six 8 oz serving of water in me and then I drank more water along with the diet.  Now, Diet Soda has been all I've been drinking.  I saw three empty water bottles on my desk. I use to walk at least 3 miles a day....now I'm lucky if I get one mile in; as a matter of fact I went out on break and walked a mile - it nearly killed me.  I realize my dog walks have even gotten shorter.  Who was I kidding?

I need a "Why" - You Need A "Why"!

So I have a "Why".  I never want to look into a mirror again and see what I saw today, I want back the energy I get from my water and my walks.  I want to find my Laura!

What's YOUR Why?

Monday, May 11, 2020

An Oldie But Goodie

As I've mentioned before, I've had much success with older plans but not much with the newer ones.  Weird, yes; but not unusual.  When I decided to try again; I looked back at my success.

And a recipe popped up!!

Whether you are new or not to the WW realm; you'll notice that a lot of people look for ways to make low point comfort foods.  One of the big deals is a recipe for banana pancakes.  What you do is mash a very ripe banana into mush and add an egg, mix well and cook like you would a pancake and TA-DA - you have a 0 point pancake on the blue or purple plan (2 pts for green).  Don't expect it to taste like a regular pancake, but many like it.  I'm of the group that doesn't.....I even took advice of others and added some self-rising flour to give it more of a pancake feel....but no, it wasn't for me.  This week I happened to remember a pancake I use to make when I did the classic points and points plus plans and I made it yesterday for breakfast and again this morning:

Sorry I took a bite before taking the photo and yes I was having breakfast in bed!

I'm not very good when it come to flipping things, but this pancake is thick enough that even an idiot like me can flip it, lol!!   I don't remember where I originally got the recipe, whether it was from a meeting, a blog, or some random website; but it was a staple for breakfast for quite a while.  Recipe?

1/4 cup of uncooked oatmeal (I use quick oats)
1 egg
1 tbsp skim milk
1 pack of sweetener of choice

Mix it together and cook like you would a pancake.

I'm going to give some advice here.  When you pour it in the pan, the oatmeal will kind of sit in one spot while the liquid will spread out.  Spread the oatmeal out with the liquid.  Also, you are definitely going to have an oatmeal texture when eating, if that's not your thing...put your quarter cup of oats in a blender and blend it to a powder.  I have never done that, but certainly you can; as a matter of fact if you plan on doing that I would think you could just put all ingredients in the blender to mix it together.  ***UPDATE*** This morning I mixed the ingredients together and let it sit while I dried my hair and put my make-up on (approximately 10 minutes).  This gave the oats time to absorb in some of the liquid, making the oatmeal texture after cooking not as textury (is that a word, lol?).  So that could be an option also if you're bothered by the texture. It also stayed with the liquid when I poured it into the pan and there was no need to spread the oatmeal out.   ALSO- I forgot to put the sweetener in, and it tasted just fine with the syrup!

I eat mine with 1/4 cup sugar free syrup and a banana; but you can have yours with whatever you like!  The oatcake itself comes to 2 pts on Blue, 4 pts on green, and 0 pts on purple.


Often you can have an "oops" in weight loss.

I get up at 5:30 a.m. to walk dogs and such before work.  I leave for work around 7:10 a.m.   I'm not normally hungry at that time nor do I feel like cooking at that time.  I have to find grab and go breakfasts and lunch as well.

I'm not into meal preparing.  I've done it, have made very tasty things; but by day 3 I'm tired of eating the prepped meal and that can send me off the deep end.

Grab and go breakfasts can be a slice of 647 bread with whipped peanut butter, yogurt, fruit.  Simple.

Lunch can be sandwich, soup, leftovers from dinner the night before.

So what happens on those occasions I go out the door and breakfast and lunch is still on the kitchen counter?


This is where my "just in case" drawer comes in handy at work.

Yep that's my drawer!  I just recently cleaned it out and put some new things in.  So if breakfast and/or lunch is on the kitchen counter, if I need something "extra", if a co-worker needs food...it's all there in the drawer.  Oatmeal, tuna, soup, unsweetened applesauce, microwave meals (that need no refrigeration), even WW snack bars.  There's also a scale, measuring cups/spoons, salt & pepper and cinnamon!

I realize not everyone has a job that can allow you to do this; but if you do - then do it!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

All Those Points

All these point names….what’s the difference or is there?

Actually yes there is a difference in the point names and the point value of a food.

The original point plan (now a days referred to as “classic points” “original points” or just plain “points”) was around until late 2010.  When you calculated, you used Calories, Fat, and Fiber from the nutritional label. Basically, it was 50 calories = 1 pt.  Original Points had a very long run with few changes.  Leftover daily points could be banked to use at other times during that week.  Eventually the banking went away and everyone was given the same amount of weekly points.

In late 2010 WW introduced Points Plus (often seen on recipe sites as “pp” “p+” or “pt+”).  Points plus took the bad carbs into account.  Now the calculation used Fat, Carbs, Fiber and Protein from the nutritional label.  Snacky things ended up going up a point or two from the original point calculations. Now 39 calories = 1 pt. but most went with 40 calories for 1 pt because it was easier to calculate if you didn’t have your calculator with you. Daily points actually went up as did the weeklies.

In 2015 WW introduced Smart Points (“sp”) and sugar took a big hit.  The calculation for Smart Points includes Calories, Saturated Fat, Sugar and Protein from the nutritional label.  I’ve yet to see a calorie to point equation because it’s hard to do – something may be the same amount of calories, but not the same in saturated fat, sugar or protein.

Freestyle (“fs”) arrived in 2017 with 200 zero point foods to eat.  For those foods not included on the zero point list, points are calculated using the Smart Points equation.

Late 2019 the three plans Green(g), Blue(b) and Purple(p) were introduced.  Green is actually the Smart Points introduced in 2015; Blue is the 2017 Freestyle and Purple is new-but has a larger zero point list with less daily points.  All plans use the smart points equation for pointed foods.

So as you see…all points aren’t created equal!  So it is important to know which plan the point value of any recipe is using. 

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Zero Doesn't Mean Zero

Regardless which WW plan you are on, you have a list of foods that you're allowed to count as zero.

"Allowed to count" are the words you should be seeing in that sentence.

You are allowed to count those foods as zero only because WW says you can.

That's right, if you took the nutritional label of any of those zero foods and put it in your calculator, you'd get a point value.

So words to remember "zero points doesn't equal zero calories".  Say that out loud, print it on something and hang it somewhere.

Just because it's zero points doesn't mean you can eat as much of it as you want either.

On the blue & purple plans "chicken" is a zero point food.   Well let me rephrase that "chicken breast" is a zero point food - not wing, thigh or leg.  A lot of people seem to miss that part.   But just because chicken breast is zero points doesn't mean you can eat 6 breasts in one sitting.  Despite being zero points, portions sizes should be watched.

In other words, don't overeat the zero point foods.  Don't set yourself up for failure.