Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sometimes I Need A Butt Kick To Get Myself In Gear

I had a very successful WW journey in 2010-2011; and then I quit WW and tried on my own and gained the weight back and well....  you know how weight loss journeys go.

Every time I've returned to WW, I've wanted to have that "feeling and direction" I had the first time I went through WW.  I've waited and never comes back.

Why?  I'm not sure....but this week I came across this meme:

I've realized that wanting and waiting for that particular "feeling and direction" again has been my excuse.  It's quite obvious I'm never going to have the newbie get up and go again and I've no choice but to just do it!

I mean really, I could of had those 40 lbs off by now.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

An Eye Roll Moment

Yes, I's been a long time; but I've been off plan for a while and am trying to get my head straight!

Let's discuss the new WW Wins, shall we?

WW Wins are "wins" you get for tracking and attending workshops (aka: meetings).  Wins accumulate and then you can get prizes for them.

Sounds like a good incentive, huh?  Yeah, well.......

One - it doesn't matter what you track, track something in Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and you'll earn 5 wins for each meal (total of 15 per day).  And I mean you can track ANYTHING.  Have 2 pop tarts for Breakfast?  Track it and you get 5 wins.  A huge bag of potato chips for lunch?  Track it and you get 5 wins.  McDonald's for dinner?  Yep if you track it, you'll get 5 wins.  It doesn't matter if the food is unhealthy or if you go into the hole on daily/weekly points - you get the wins.

You also get 5 wins for activity.  My fitbit syncs with the app and it doesn't matter if I take one step or 10,000 - I get 5 wins for it.

Attend a weekly workshop (meeting).  You get 50 wins a week for that!  Ka-ching!

I figure that you can earn 20 wins a day for 140 a week and add in the meeting that's 190 wins a week.  Earning that way it will take about 8 weeks to your first level of prizes at 1500 wins.

So 8 weeks....(that's 2 months at $44.95 a month, for a total of $89.90) what are the great prizes I can get for $89.90:

I can get a $15 credit on WW online (with free shipping)....that equals to 2 boxes of snack bars (and though I realize the shipping is free, why can't I use this at the meeting?)

I can get a $15 gift card to Kohl's.  What if Kohl's isn't in my area?  What if I don't shop at Kohl's?

I can get a WW Essential Freestyle Cookbook (I'm pretty sure I already have this)

I can donate my wins to someone in need.

I can get a tumbler cup.

I can get a travel shoe bag.

A journal, a hat, a pouch, a 90 day obe membership (have no idea what that is), a 90 day Aaptiv starter (don't know that either) or a one month trial membership to the Thrive Market.

There's 2 more tiers but trust me the prizes don't get much better.

Maybe I'm being petty but wouldn't a Free Month at WW or something like that be a better option?

But I didn't bring up the "wins" to laugh at the prizes.....(my workshop has done that at great lengths); the reason I have brought it up is because of all the whining going on over on the WW FB page from the people who are missing wins or can't get the new app to download.  I mean, you'd think you were going to get a million dollar check or something...or that you couldn't do the program if you can't earn wins.

The "wins" only show up on the app - not the website.  Why?  I really don't know and WW is being slow in answering those questions.  Maybe they're making sure the app is working correctly (mine is but some aren't) before they venture to the website....or maybe WW is going with the flow and realizing most people use phones over the computer.  Fair?  No.....but from a business view point a smart move.

There is one lady over on their FB page who apparently has an non-compatible phone for the new app...she has accused them of breach of contract, lying in advertising and discrimination.  She hijacks EVERY post on there with her rants and screenshots of her responses from WW (none that please her).  A quick check of her FB page indicates she must of just created an account for this purpose.  She also insists that her cell phone provider told her she would need a $900 phone to be compatible.

I have to, though she's been asked over and over again and again about what phone she has, she never answers the question.  Finally she said she has a Samsung, but won't say which one.  I get it if she doesn't want to invest in a new phone;  I also know that the salesperson suggesting the $900 phone is working off commission and wants to sell her the newest and best......but that doesn't mean that is what she needs.  She just needs an android that has at least the 5.0 version of Android.  Considering my S7 is on 8+, 5.0 is several years old.  How old of a phone does she have?  I pulled out my old S5 and it's compatible....maybe she has an S2, S3, S4????  Who knows!!!  But maybe just maybe she only needs to upgrade to the next model, not the newest and best, unfortunately you can't tell her that.  She also apparently can't internet search and learn how to do a work around for this problem....there are dozens of sites and videos to show how to bypass the non-compatible issue.
Oh....and if she upgraded to the cheapest phone on her plan it would cost her $40 more a month...Really?  The cheapest phone is $40 a month?  I don't think she needs a new phone, she needs a new provider!

But I also just think that regardless what option you give her; she'll have a reason why it won't work.
Now she can track still on the website, but the website doesn't show the "wins", so that angers her as well.  She, like many others, have chosen to ignore WW's response that "although you aren't seeing the wins, you are still earning them and can call the 800 number for your balance at any time".

All this over some crappy prize junk, grow up!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

WW Changes

So let's look at what we actually know of the WW changes:

The name change from Weight Watchers to WW has occurred.  Using WW as their brand but not telling us how we're to refer to it (double you, double you?) just to get the word "weight" out of everything is rather unprofessional.

Other name changes; where to even begin....

WW locations are now referred to as "studios".  This makes sense for an actual WW store front location....but not for those of us whose meetings take place in rented rooms (mine is a room in a church).  "Studio" makes me think of a place I can walk into at anytime, weigh-in, purchase products and attend a meeting during the store hours....that isn't so for the rented rooms.

Meetings are now referred to as "workshops".  I don't know about you...but a workshop seems to me to be a little hands-on or creating something.  Yes, I know that can refer to weight loss but I seriously doubt they'll be much changing to the meeting process.  Also "workshop" topics will change between wellness, exercise and such.  WW - I do not need anymore meetings discussing group would rather discuss the highs and lows of the past week.....but because now "weight loss" isn't the focus...where does that leave us?

The receptionist are now "guides" - yeah, I don't understand that either.  Where are they guiding us too.  Your leader is now a "coach" - and depending on the leader that term could be true or not.  These name changes are rather cheesy.

The app has semi-updated.  iPhone users seemed to have no problem with this either updated automatically or they went to their app store and had an update option.  Android users on the other hand...I've seen no post that anyone's app updated automatically; as a matter of fact there wasn't an update option at the app store either.  After lunch, I did have an option to update...but WW was telling android users that it could take days.......  yeah, that has gone over well.  HELLO WW- don't advertise a big update with the date if you don't have it ready to come out; really?  How hard is that?

The app update itself:  I actually like the new blue/white look, it's really crisp looking.  The website updated to that as well.  There have been a few with some vision issues that say the new look is hard on their eyes, understandable and WW should work on an option for that.  Simply Filling is still an option on the app/website but I'm still hearing that will disappear at some point.  Now you can earn "wins" for tracking breakfast, lunch, dinner, workouts and attending a meeting.  These "wins" add up and you can trade them in for prizes (I really see no prize on the list I'm truly interested in).

Let's discuss "wins" - You need at least 1500 wins to get to the first level of prizes.  That will take a few weeks.  As long as you're tracking on the'll be alright; but if you're a paper tracker, "wins" aren't available to you.  The website?  Not available there either.  They could easily have paper trackers bring their tracking to meetings and have the receptionists input something into the system and there is positively no reason the website isn't set up for this.  As I mentioned above there's not much on the prize list I'm interested in, HOWEVER, the whole system is set up for honesty...Did you really eat breakfast?  Or did you just add something in there to get the "wins"?  I got 5 "wins" this morning for my coffee....that's all I had for breakfast.

Under the food settings of the app/website you are no longer "losing" or "maintaining"'re actually "weight loss & healthy habits" or just "healthy habits".  No one seems to know where lifetime members fall in these categories but according to Gary Foster the Chief Scientific Officer of WW indicates that Lifetime memberships are a relic of older programs.   I'm guessing that will be going away at some point at least for new members.

So weight loss isn't the focus....wellness is - in body, mind and spirit.  What makes a WW Coach qualified to do this?  We shall see....but I'm thinking WW may have just started their own funeral.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Not hearing anymore on the WW front so I'm guessing my meeting won't have new stuff until the 3rd or more likely the 10th, although I think the app will update on the 4th.

I have been tracking very well on the WW app and also on the LoseIt app....I'm rather surprised how easily I run out of points (I'm currently in the weekly hole) but have many calories left over on LoseIt.  Am I not eating enough calories?  I'm not sure, what I am sure is that Freestyle, just like Smart Points isn't working for me.

I'm seriously thinking of leaving WW and just use itrackbites to do Points Plus - it's the program that worked for me. Or totally walk away from points all together and just do calories.

I'm at a loss.....