Saturday, September 8, 2018

This & That

We had a bad fight the other night.....between our two dogs Toby and Dexter.  Toby was the aggressor and it got ugly!  It wasn't the first time this has happened; but it's been the worst.

Toby was unscathed but Dexter had a leg bite which swelled and he was limping so it was off to the vet's this morning.  Fortunately it's not infected and just seems to be sore and bruised; he'll be on an anti-inflammatory for the next few days.

Toby on the other hand.......Toby's old; he doesn't see or hear well and the vet advised it was just probably one of those things.  None-the-less; he'll go to the vet's for blood work and such when I'm back from my house sitting job next week.  Sigh.......

On the diet front, I've done very well.  Tonight's dinner out was more points than I would of liked to use, HOWEVER, I am proud to say I stopped eating when I felt "pleasantly full" and not "stuffed".  When I can walk away from the food, that has to be a good step!  But other than that, I've been doing very well.

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