Thursday, September 13, 2018

Simply Filling and The Flu

This week I've been house sitting for my one sister.  During this I also caught a bad flu which was a combo of a cold/sore throat flu and a stomach one.....not good.  Fortunately the stomach one only lasted the first day and by tomorrow I'll be back at work...and Saturday, I'll be home.  I really miss my doggies and being sick didn't give me the chance to make a home stop after work.

It always seems to be something.

Our Weight Watchers U.K. counterparts (UKWW) were met at the beginning of the month with no Simply Filling Option on their WW apps.  Obviously for Freestyle people this wasn't an issue but for the Simply Filling people it was, they're paying just like everyone else and this happened with no warning.  Eventually they received an email from WW stating that Simply Filling is being eliminated and will be gone worldwide by the end of the year.  A few were able to get some WW leaders in the U.S. to confirm this.

I think what is happening is they are moving forward, just as I have predicted, to get everyone on Simply Filling.

I think an update we'll get at the end of the year will be more foods added to the "zero" food list.  I think each year they'll add more and within 3-4 years - everyone will be doing Simply Filling but they'll be calling it Freestyle or some new name.

The UKWW normally will get any changes before us, so despite our leaders being quiet and not allowed to tell; social media will let us in on it!

Oh - and check out the groups on FB for Simply Filling - the admins are really grabbing as much information as possible.

For me?  Well being sick I missed weigh-in - so no update this time.

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