Thursday, September 13, 2018

Finding Me

My reason for starting this blog was to find "me" as indicated on the sidebar.  I know finding "me" isn't just about weight....obviously my life is more than a number on the scale.

I've been trying to think of the things I always liked to do but somewhat has taken a backseat to the everyday things going on; things I could start doing again that gave me pleasure at one time.

One is taking pictures.  I'm no photographer but I can take a pretty darn good photo.  I'm not looking to make any profit or anything; I just like taking photos.  I think that I will dig out my camera and do some nature walks.  Fall is in the air and that's always a good time to take photos with all the colors and such.

I use to read a lot.  Now I only ever seem to read a book while on vacation.  I want to start reading again.

At the beginning of every year I join the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge and I do it - then I stop after the challenge.  I want to continue with 1 mile a day; an actual 1 mile walk not just the steps all adding up to that in the day.

I always like learning something new.  I don't have the funds for classes (online or regular) but I do know there is free online learning.

So I've decided to combine likes together.  While walking I can take my photos and my reading and online learning can be about photography.  I just feel like I need to do more than text and Netflix in my free time.

I think this along with weight loss will help me "Find My Laura".

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