Thursday, September 27, 2018

Double You - Double You

Well I'm sure you've heard the news...Weight Watchers has changed their name to just WW.  I'm not real sure if we're to say "Double You-Double You" or just not pronounce it at all....but they want it associated with the phrase "Wellness That Works".

The CEO was on The Today Show to make this announcement, she rambled something about moving away from "weight" and instilling healthy habits for a lifetime.  She also avoided answering any questions related to the point program...she just skipped around them.

I don't think the point program is changing drastically.  As I've said before, according to the UK, Simply Filling is being done away with.  I think Freestyle is staying but the zero food list will increase and eventually Freestyle and Simply Filling will be merged as one.  I'm hearing that fat free products will be discouraged (good thing) and the WW products will be more wholesome (yeah, it will still be junk food but with better ingredients).

I keep hearing that weigh-ins will be optional; that would make sense since you may have people only interested in healthy habits and may not need to lose weight.....but our leader last night assured us that weigh-ins will remain, the price won't increase, there's a rewards program and she avoided all questions in regards to the point program.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this or when my group will get the official information....this is all to take place on October 4th, my next meeting is the 3rd so I may have to wait to the 10th which sucks! But I'm sure all the info will be on the internet as soon as it's released.  I was told some of the UK members have the information on pinterest, but I haven't found it yet.

So we shall see.....I'm not wanting any touchy, feely, meditation crap.  I'll have to drop meetings if that happens.

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