Saturday, June 9, 2018


Every once in a while I have to give a product review, especially if it's something that I think you may like.  Take note that these opinions are totally my own and the company isn't asking me to give a review at all.

I've heard of Walden Farms but never really paid attention to it mostly because when I saw it in the grocery store it was rather pricey.

Last week at our WW meetings, one of our struggling returnees stated that she was having a hard time because she had to give up all her favorite foods.  We advised that you didn't, but you do need to make some healthier choices or finds something new to eat.  Sometimes she said she just wanted a banana split.

This got me to can I make a banana split point worthy?  It was rather easy!

First you start with a banana!  That's 0 points, so we're off to a good start.  Ice cream was the next could use frozen cool whip (as I did with my brownie a few posts back) but I decided on Halo ice cream.  There are lots of low point options in this area and you just have to pick what you like; in my case I chose the Halo Birthday Cake - I added 3/4 cups to my split for 4 points.  Now it was time for topping!  That's where Walden Farms came in.  I chose their Caramel syrup:

This stuff is AWESOME and 1 tbsp is 0 pts!  It's not overly thick, so one tablespoon is plenty. (You can actually use a lot of this for 0 pts).  Along with it I got this:

This is really thick (thicker than the regular) and 2 tbsp will run you 0 pts.  Taste wise?  It's so-so, it's doable and point worthy but I don't know if I'd like it alone or as the only topping.  For future reference:  Walden Farms makes a chocolate syrup as well; had I not already of bought this one at the first store, I'd of just paid the extra dollar for theirs(as I'm sure it's as AWESOME as the caramel one).

What about toppings?  I added blueberries (0 pts) and 3 marachino cherries (1 pts) and got a total of 5 pts for a banana split!!

And it tasted WONDERFUL!!!  So see........ you can have a banana split on Weight Watchers!

You should check out the Walden Farms website.  Don't rely on their store locator as it says no store within a 20 mile radius of where I'm at has their products and that wasn't true, lol!  They have all types of products to help you with your journey.  Pricey?  Yes, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

My Mojo

Motivation is the one key to successful weight loss.  If your head is in the right place, the rest will follow.

When I started WW back in 2010, my head was in the right place.  I don't know why it was, as I had thought of joining WW for sometime but always talked myself out of it, but one day it just clicked.

After I made lifetime and the weight came back, I can't tell you how many times I rejoined WW.  I knew I needed to do it, I knew I could do it, but the motivation just wasn't there.

That's where I've been since I rejoined WW this last time in 2015 (2-1/2 years ago).  I pay, go to meetings and don't do the program.  I've lost and relost the same 5-10 lbs over and over.  I'm not the only one struggling with this.

Last week was the first time in ions that I've had any true motivation.  Again, I can't really tell you where it came from but this meme put it in motion:

I saw it and saw myself in it.  Maybe, just maybe....motivation wasn't the issue, maybe just maybe all the excuses were.  I can relate to every excuse on this page, EVERY SINGLE ONE.   "I'm all alone" is probably at the bottom because I have very good family, friend and WW group support, so I'm not alone......but weight loss is an individual thing and you can feel alone because I know I do at times.

I printed this meme out and have hung it on my bulletin board at work and on the refrigerator at home; I'll probably hang it a few more places.  There isn't a day that one of these thoughts does not go through my head.....but I see this and tell myself it's nothing more than an excuse - I CAN DO THIS!

Friday, June 8, 2018


I am happy to say that my staying on plan paid off - I was down 2.8 lbs at weigh-in HURRAY!

I am also happy that some of the people who have left our meetings are starting to come back!  It makes it nice to be able to re-start my journey with the people I did my last journey with.

Trying to stay on plan this week, our meeting set a goal to lose at least 1 lb each week in I want to be there!  Movie tonight will kill me with popcorn and jujy fruits - BUT, I'm working on earning fitpoints to cover it.

Onward I go......

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Weight Watcher Recipe Even Lighter Without Losing Flavor

If you haven't visited the website Drizzle Me Skinny, you really should.  No fancy recipes here - normal everyday food made to fit the Weight Watchers program.

Tonight I made her Chicken Rice Crescent Topped Casserole with a few changes to make it even more point friendly than I thought I was capable of doing.  Her recipe comes to 8 sp per serving and is perfect as is!

The first thing I looked at was where could I make cuts without losing flavor?
The recipe called for white rice and I replaced that with riced cauliflower.  For the record, I am not a cauliflower person, however, in this recipe you never taste the this was a good change and dropped the points to 7 sp.  Entering everything into the Weight Watcher recipe builder, I discovered the crescent rolls were very could I cut points there?

Fortunately, CC decided to try the 2 ingredient dough made with 1 cup self rising flour and 1 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt.  She had made bagels.  Hmmmmmm.........that dough is used for all kinds of things!  Could I replace those crescents with this dough?  Yep, you bet you can!

I made some changes just for my own taste that didn't make a difference.  I ended up with some awesome goodness!

The dough actually didn't have a lot of taste and was rather doughy, HOWEVER, this dish was so tasty it didn't matter and they ended up being more like dumplings!

My Recipe?

1 cup Fat Free Chicken Broth
10.5 oz can of Cream of Chicken Soup (98% fat free)
1/2 cup Fat Free Milk
10 oz of shredded chicken breast, cooked
2 cups Steamable mixed vegetables
2 cups Steamable Riced Cauliflower
2/3 cup Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (I don't do Fat Free cheese)
1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
2 ingredient dough

And the final point count?  5 sp

And Hubby gave it a thumbs up!!

A Meal Share

I want to share my meals with you.....

Thursday (Total Points used: 21)

1 container of Oikos Plain Greek nonfat yogurt with the following added to it - 1 tbsp of sugar free fat free chocolate pudding mix and a 1/4 cup honey nut cheerios.  Banana on the side.
Total:  2 sp

1 cup watermelon
WW Oven baked cheddar twists
Sandwich - 1 slice 647 white bread with 2 oz Virginia ham and 1 slice Sargento thin sliced swiss cheese
Total: 5 sp

5 oz. pork chop
1 medium baked potato with spray butter
Total: 10 sp

Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish
Total: 4 sp

Friday (Total Points used:  21)

Same as Thursday
Total:  2 sp

Whole Wheat Chili Mac
1 cup Grapes
Total: 4 sp

Baked Chicken Breast with skin ***I did count points for the skin
1 cup potatoes air fried
Total:  7 sp

Fiber One Brownie with 1/4 cup frozen Cool Whip and berries on the side
Total:  5 sp

Saturday (Total Points used:  27)

1 serving of Drizzle Me Skinny's Funfetti Pancake Pie
1 tbsp sugar free syrup
3/4 cup of milk
1 banana
Total:  5 sp

BLT:  2 slices 647 White Bread, 1 tbsp light mayo, 4 slices center cut bacon, lettuce & tomato
19 Reduced Fat Potato Chips
Total:  10 sp

Haddock filet
Mixed Vegetables
Total:  0 sp

Total:  12 sp

I share these not only to keep myself honest, but to show you that Yes - you can eat more than just the zero point foods.  As a matter of fact, you should be eating more than zero point foods.

Also notice I had days that I didn't use all my dailies, and a time when I went over.  Don't restrict yourself too much - it may be trial and error but you'll find what works best for you without it feeling like a diet.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

WW Smart Points

After about 5 years of Points Plus.....WW decided to make their "Biggest Change Ever".

I remember seeing the "Biggest Change Ever" signs at the meetings.  At that time I was rather "pointed out" and totally off track and thought a big change is what I needed.  I assumed that "Biggest Change Ever" meant that points were about to go away.

I couldn't of been more really wasn't a big was just another point program that for the first time in WW points history that the logo "eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight" could no longer be used.

Smart Points gave sugar a big hit.  And I mean a BIG hit.  A sugar treat could take all of your daily or weekly points and leave you with no points.  For the first time WW felt like a diet.

I've never been a fan of Smart Points (and I have no issue with anyone that loves it), and being a person already "pointed out" and kind of in limbo - it didn't help.  I found myself binging.....and if I ate something that was way too high in points - I just didn't track it.

Smart Points was a huge fail for me.

Smart Points is calculated with Calories, Sat. Fat, Sugar and Protein.  There are no Good Health Guidelines to follow as the program forces you to eat the healthy stuff to stay within your allotted points.  For the first time ever.......not everyone had the same number of weekly points AND as you lost weight, you lost weekly points as well.  On the plus side, Protein was encouraged and went down in points.

Though I know many that have Smart Points success stories; it really wasn't for me and it doesn't mean it wasn't because I didn't want to eat healthy (the normal response you get from the SP Lovers); it just wasn't the program for me.

Friday, June 1, 2018


I had a sweet tooth today and went back to an "oldie" from my Weight Watchers past.

What you are looking at is strawberries and blueberries (obviously), a Fiber One Brownie (4 sp) and 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) of Fat Free Cool Whip (1 sp).  It's tasty and satisfies that sweet tooth!  Oh and pop the brownie into the microwave for about 10 seconds - makes it like it just came out of the oven and the Cool Whip was frozen to give it that ice cream taste.

I've done really well the past few days and I'm not just eating chicken and eggs (which so many of the Freestyle complainers seem to think you have to do).

Tomorrow morning for breakfast I'm making Berry Funfetti Pancake Pie from Drizzle Me Skinny.  I've always wanted to try the Kodiak Pancake/Waffle mix and was thrilled to find it on sale at my local grocery store.  I'm pretty bad when it comes to "flipping" anything while cooking, so making it in a pie dish makes it "Laura" friendly.