Thursday, January 11, 2018

So What Have We Learned About Freestyle So Far?

My posts have hopefully been informative to you and as I continue with Freestyle, I'll post about it here.

A summary:

1.   You CAN still weigh, measure and track the zero foods.  If you need portion control - DO IT!

2.   You CAN eat more than just the zero foods.  Plan the zeros around them.

3.   You CAN still do the old Smartpoints program on the WW app.  Yep....just go here to learn how:

4.   After your initial sign-up period with WW your membership will continue at the monthly rate until YOU cancel it.  Also, after cancelling check your statements to make sure nothing comes out.

5.   Stop thinking about the points you lost and work with the ones you have!

And that's a wrap!!

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