Sunday, January 7, 2018

Don't Overthink and You'll Achieve

I find that there are still people complaining over the change from Smartpoints to Freestyle and that's fine, if you read my old posts you knew how much I couldn't accept Smartpoints - I still can't, lol!  Refer here if you really can't accept the change:  So You Truly Hate Freestyle  At this link I tell you how to adjust your WW app/website to do the original Smartpoints plan; it's rather simple!

But.....I really think if you'd stop fighting Freestyle, you can get it to work and it will be an easier transition from Freestyle to Simply Filling when the time comes.  No, I don't have any inside information but I can see that that is where WW is heading.

How?  Let's look at the direction the programs have taken.

Original Points - the plan that started it all!  Using a calculation of calories, fat and fiber a point value emerged and it was easier to remember a point than the amount of calories.  On this plan you truly could eat whatever and lose weight.

Points Plus - this plan took us to the next step.  Now looking at Fat, Fiber, Carbs and Protein and making fruits zero points we were nudged to make healthier choices but still treat ourselves.

Smart Points - this was a HUGE step with our calculation changing to Calories, Sat Fat, Sugar and Protein.  Our snacky sweet things took a HUGE point hit and you really had to decide if that food was "worth it".

FreeStyle - They've taken the foods that everyone is normally eating anyway and made them zero but left you some points for all the other things.

Simply Filling - the zero list just got bigger and you have weeklies for everything else.

See?  It's heading there.  So I think you should head there too, or else you'll be complaining again. 

And, by the way, while you're complaining?  You're not losing weight!

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