Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Day or Two

So I have gained over the holidays but put myself back in gear today, which is the start of my week.

Here's how I ate:

Breakfast:  banana, 2 eggs = 0 pts

Lunch:  3 oz. chicken breast, orange and carrots = 0 pts

Dinner:  3 oz. pork chop, peas and sweet potato fries = 10 pts

Snack:  unsweetened applesauce and WW protein bar = 2 pts

Right now I still have 11 pts left!!  If I was doing the old Smartpoints, my total would be 20 and I'd have 10 pts left.


Breakfast:  2 eggs & mushrooms = 0 pts

Lunch:  5 oz. tuna = 0 pts

Dinner:  Spaghetti with meat sauce and one breadstick = 13 pts

Snack:  Chicken tenderloin, orange, 5 saltines, laughing cow wedge = 3 pts

Total:  16 pts with 7 remaining.  On the old plan it would be 23 pts with 7 remaining.

I don't really like tracking both ways, but I just want you to see the comparison.  Don't overthink it!

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