Sunday, October 7, 2018

WW Changes

So let's look at what we actually know of the WW changes:

The name change from Weight Watchers to WW has occurred.  Using WW as their brand but not telling us how we're to refer to it (double you, double you?) just to get the word "weight" out of everything is rather unprofessional.

Other name changes; where to even begin....

WW locations are now referred to as "studios".  This makes sense for an actual WW store front location....but not for those of us whose meetings take place in rented rooms (mine is a room in a church).  "Studio" makes me think of a place I can walk into at anytime, weigh-in, purchase products and attend a meeting during the store hours....that isn't so for the rented rooms.

Meetings are now referred to as "workshops".  I don't know about you...but a workshop seems to me to be a little hands-on or creating something.  Yes, I know that can refer to weight loss but I seriously doubt they'll be much changing to the meeting process.  Also "workshop" topics will change between wellness, exercise and such.  WW - I do not need anymore meetings discussing group would rather discuss the highs and lows of the past week.....but because now "weight loss" isn't the focus...where does that leave us?

The receptionist are now "guides" - yeah, I don't understand that either.  Where are they guiding us too.  Your leader is now a "coach" - and depending on the leader that term could be true or not.  These name changes are rather cheesy.

The app has semi-updated.  iPhone users seemed to have no problem with this either updated automatically or they went to their app store and had an update option.  Android users on the other hand...I've seen no post that anyone's app updated automatically; as a matter of fact there wasn't an update option at the app store either.  After lunch, I did have an option to update...but WW was telling android users that it could take days.......  yeah, that has gone over well.  HELLO WW- don't advertise a big update with the date if you don't have it ready to come out; really?  How hard is that?

The app update itself:  I actually like the new blue/white look, it's really crisp looking.  The website updated to that as well.  There have been a few with some vision issues that say the new look is hard on their eyes, understandable and WW should work on an option for that.  Simply Filling is still an option on the app/website but I'm still hearing that will disappear at some point.  Now you can earn "wins" for tracking breakfast, lunch, dinner, workouts and attending a meeting.  These "wins" add up and you can trade them in for prizes (I really see no prize on the list I'm truly interested in).

Let's discuss "wins" - You need at least 1500 wins to get to the first level of prizes.  That will take a few weeks.  As long as you're tracking on the'll be alright; but if you're a paper tracker, "wins" aren't available to you.  The website?  Not available there either.  They could easily have paper trackers bring their tracking to meetings and have the receptionists input something into the system and there is positively no reason the website isn't set up for this.  As I mentioned above there's not much on the prize list I'm interested in, HOWEVER, the whole system is set up for honesty...Did you really eat breakfast?  Or did you just add something in there to get the "wins"?  I got 5 "wins" this morning for my coffee....that's all I had for breakfast.

Under the food settings of the app/website you are no longer "losing" or "maintaining"'re actually "weight loss & healthy habits" or just "healthy habits".  No one seems to know where lifetime members fall in these categories but according to Gary Foster the Chief Scientific Officer of WW indicates that Lifetime memberships are a relic of older programs.   I'm guessing that will be going away at some point at least for new members.

So weight loss isn't the focus....wellness is - in body, mind and spirit.  What makes a WW Coach qualified to do this?  We shall see....but I'm thinking WW may have just started their own funeral.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Not hearing anymore on the WW front so I'm guessing my meeting won't have new stuff until the 3rd or more likely the 10th, although I think the app will update on the 4th.

I have been tracking very well on the WW app and also on the LoseIt app....I'm rather surprised how easily I run out of points (I'm currently in the weekly hole) but have many calories left over on LoseIt.  Am I not eating enough calories?  I'm not sure, what I am sure is that Freestyle, just like Smart Points isn't working for me.

I'm seriously thinking of leaving WW and just use itrackbites to do Points Plus - it's the program that worked for me. Or totally walk away from points all together and just do calories.

I'm at a loss.....

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Double You - Double You

Well I'm sure you've heard the news...Weight Watchers has changed their name to just WW.  I'm not real sure if we're to say "Double You-Double You" or just not pronounce it at all....but they want it associated with the phrase "Wellness That Works".

The CEO was on The Today Show to make this announcement, she rambled something about moving away from "weight" and instilling healthy habits for a lifetime.  She also avoided answering any questions related to the point program...she just skipped around them.

I don't think the point program is changing drastically.  As I've said before, according to the UK, Simply Filling is being done away with.  I think Freestyle is staying but the zero food list will increase and eventually Freestyle and Simply Filling will be merged as one.  I'm hearing that fat free products will be discouraged (good thing) and the WW products will be more wholesome (yeah, it will still be junk food but with better ingredients).

I keep hearing that weigh-ins will be optional; that would make sense since you may have people only interested in healthy habits and may not need to lose weight.....but our leader last night assured us that weigh-ins will remain, the price won't increase, there's a rewards program and she avoided all questions in regards to the point program.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this or when my group will get the official information....this is all to take place on October 4th, my next meeting is the 3rd so I may have to wait to the 10th which sucks! But I'm sure all the info will be on the internet as soon as it's released.  I was told some of the UK members have the information on pinterest, but I haven't found it yet.

So we shall see.....I'm not wanting any touchy, feely, meditation crap.  I'll have to drop meetings if that happens.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Where Weight Watchers Has Failed

I'm in a rut and "Laura" is getting very hard to find.

I still have a lot of congestion from the flu and am totally drained because of it.  It makes me not want to do anything.

I was looking at blogs and websites and came across this post:

The Number One Reason You're Not Losing Weight on WW Freestyle

It was a VERY good read and of course, her first piece of advice is the advice I always give:

Zero Point Foods DO NOT Equal Zero Calories

You would think that would be obvious, but you'd be surprised the people that just don't get it...AND WW really doesn't address this.

Along with that advice, she mentioned that people are learning how to take those zero point foods and make high calorie foods that are low in points.  Is that even possible?  Yes it is!  Her example is this cheesecake recipe:

The main ingredients in this cheesecake is Eggs & Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt - two things that are zero points on Freestyle.  This recipe serves 4 at 1 pt per serving....really need the treat?  You can eat the ENTIRE thing for 4 pts!  Wow!  And yep, it's a favorite recipe out there.

Want to know the problem?  If you eat the entire thing for those 4 pts - you just consumed EIGHT HUNDRED (800) CALORIES!  Even just a 1 pt slice comes out to 200 calories.

How is that even possible?  Because you don't have to count the points for the eggs and yogurt in the recipe...perfect example that zero point foods does not equal zero calories.

Eye opening isn't it?  Even though I know was still a big revelation to me!  Please read the above post, there's other helpful tips in it.

Her other post is:

This one may not work for everyone because everyone is different; she added real butter, coconut oil, avocados and grass fed beef back into her diet and does not count points for it.  Why?  She explains that in the post....WW does not take into account Healthy Fats.  Want to know why Keto is so popular right now?  Because people are learning that you can have fat and lose weight!  

I really don't know why this person wasn't having beef and counting it - I do; but I know that butter, avocados and oils can eat up points pretty fast.  I don't think anyone needs told that the fake butters out there, though low in points, aren't very healthy.  Why are healthy things being penalized in WW?

I'm not dishing on WW....but I am starting to take a long hard look at my future with them.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Finding Me

My reason for starting this blog was to find "me" as indicated on the sidebar.  I know finding "me" isn't just about weight....obviously my life is more than a number on the scale.

I've been trying to think of the things I always liked to do but somewhat has taken a backseat to the everyday things going on; things I could start doing again that gave me pleasure at one time.

One is taking pictures.  I'm no photographer but I can take a pretty darn good photo.  I'm not looking to make any profit or anything; I just like taking photos.  I think that I will dig out my camera and do some nature walks.  Fall is in the air and that's always a good time to take photos with all the colors and such.

I use to read a lot.  Now I only ever seem to read a book while on vacation.  I want to start reading again.

At the beginning of every year I join the 100 Miles in 100 Days challenge and I do it - then I stop after the challenge.  I want to continue with 1 mile a day; an actual 1 mile walk not just the steps all adding up to that in the day.

I always like learning something new.  I don't have the funds for classes (online or regular) but I do know there is free online learning.

So I've decided to combine likes together.  While walking I can take my photos and my reading and online learning can be about photography.  I just feel like I need to do more than text and Netflix in my free time.

I think this along with weight loss will help me "Find My Laura".

Simply Filling and The Flu

This week I've been house sitting for my one sister.  During this I also caught a bad flu which was a combo of a cold/sore throat flu and a stomach one.....not good.  Fortunately the stomach one only lasted the first day and by tomorrow I'll be back at work...and Saturday, I'll be home.  I really miss my doggies and being sick didn't give me the chance to make a home stop after work.

It always seems to be something.

Our Weight Watchers U.K. counterparts (UKWW) were met at the beginning of the month with no Simply Filling Option on their WW apps.  Obviously for Freestyle people this wasn't an issue but for the Simply Filling people it was, they're paying just like everyone else and this happened with no warning.  Eventually they received an email from WW stating that Simply Filling is being eliminated and will be gone worldwide by the end of the year.  A few were able to get some WW leaders in the U.S. to confirm this.

I think what is happening is they are moving forward, just as I have predicted, to get everyone on Simply Filling.

I think an update we'll get at the end of the year will be more foods added to the "zero" food list.  I think each year they'll add more and within 3-4 years - everyone will be doing Simply Filling but they'll be calling it Freestyle or some new name.

The UKWW normally will get any changes before us, so despite our leaders being quiet and not allowed to tell; social media will let us in on it!

Oh - and check out the groups on FB for Simply Filling - the admins are really grabbing as much information as possible.

For me?  Well being sick I missed weigh-in - so no update this time.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

This & That

We had a bad fight the other night.....between our two dogs Toby and Dexter.  Toby was the aggressor and it got ugly!  It wasn't the first time this has happened; but it's been the worst.

Toby was unscathed but Dexter had a leg bite which swelled and he was limping so it was off to the vet's this morning.  Fortunately it's not infected and just seems to be sore and bruised; he'll be on an anti-inflammatory for the next few days.

Toby on the other hand.......Toby's old; he doesn't see or hear well and the vet advised it was just probably one of those things.  None-the-less; he'll go to the vet's for blood work and such when I'm back from my house sitting job next week.  Sigh.......

On the diet front, I've done very well.  Tonight's dinner out was more points than I would of liked to use, HOWEVER, I am proud to say I stopped eating when I felt "pleasantly full" and not "stuffed".  When I can walk away from the food, that has to be a good step!  But other than that, I've been doing very well.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Okay, so yeah I lied......

I decided to stick with Freestyle instead of going the Simply Filling route.

Why?  I just don't trust myself enough yet; plus it helps when CC and I are on the same plan, less confusing.

However, I am trying to stay as close to the SF food list as possible.  It will make the eventual transfer to the plan a little easier.

Today of course is only day one of my new start and it is going well.  Food wise, I've got today and tomorrow planned out and I'm drinking my water.  Hubby bought me a new water bottle - it's stainless and really keeps the water cold for a very extended amount of time - LOVE IT!!  And it was on sell at CVS for 50% off!!

So I'm starting off right - Saturday out and about with Chris will be the true test!

Monday, September 3, 2018

The End of Summer

My staycation is family reunion is over....summer is over.....

And it is now time for Weight Loss season!

In my original WW journey I started in September and I'm hoping that will help me this time, lol! 
Actually the original time my head was totally in the right place to lose weight.  I don't how I got it there or even why.....but I do know that really really helped in the journey.

I've waiting for that to happen again and it never has.  I finally realize that this time around I really am going to have to make myself do it or it just isn't going to get done.

I think this time I'm going to give Simply Filling a try.  I've dabbled in it before but would go off the minute I needed "points" for something I shouldn't be having.  I know I have to at least give it a good try for 4 weigh ins; then I can decide whether to continue with it or not.

Why Simply Filling?

Well as I've said in previously posts, I believe SF is the way WW is heading so I might as well try now.  The "no count" food list for SF is so much bigger than with Freestyle and SF seems to be the healthier option of the two.  There are some things I don't agree with on SF, for instance FF dairy is the no count options....though I can do FF milk, sour cream, yogurt and's the cheese slices that in my opinion are not healthier at all - what is in that stuff anyway?  None-the-less, I eat very little cheese and will do reduced fat or full fat cheese when I do want it....I'll take the points from my weeklies, but I may just not count them at all (though that totally isn't the official way to do it; sometimes you have to make your own tweeks as I don't want to count points forever).

So I have a plan....let's get to it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


My weight loss posts have been very few and I've been off plan for weigh too long and have gained weight.

Sad, but true....I'm just being honest.

I've decided to wait until my first September meeting (the 5th) to get my butt in gear.  I'd start now but there's a family reunion this weekend and we all know I'll fail there.

I promise, things will get better!

Yesterday Was Bittersweet....

Yesterday we had to say good-bye to our dear sweet Joppa.  Joppa had been having teeth and gum issues for some time and it was at the point where there was no reversing the issue and he was hardly eating and no longer grooming himself.  He would often have "fits" where he'd paw at his mouth, which was an indication he was in pain.  So it was time.

I was with Joppa at the vet when we were handed the sad news that nothing more could be done for him.  As they left the room to give us time to say good-bye; I think he knew...I was sitting on the bench and he came over and laid down beside me and curled up.  I'll miss my baby.

Joppa was an overly friendly cat.  He loved EVERYONE.  He would wander the neighborhood and visit all the neighbors and play with many of the children.  Everyone loved Joppa.  Everyone even knew to drive carefully through the neighborhood because Joppa often liked sunning himself in the middle of the street.

Joppa was the neighborhood cat.  He'll be sorely missed.

On the norm, my sister takes my cats and buries them at her house as she lives out and has more room.  But we brought Joppa home and buried him in the yard; I think Joppa would want to be in his own surroundings.  The little girl down on the corner has already come by to pay her respects at his grave.  She's heartbroken.

We were lucky to have Joppa, he was one of a kind.  Enjoy your life at the Rainbow Bridge!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Walking Dead

I'm a HUGE Walking Dead fan - H U G E......

Over the years I've spent a lot of time on the world wide web on message boards and such reading through all the fan chatter - it seems the Walking Dead fandom is full of people who are experts on story writing, acting ability and directing.  Sad, but true.

I loved The Walking Dead since episode 1 and watch each episode so many times, I could probably give you a very detailed walk through.  I have read some of the graphic novel up to a point as well.  Yep, I'm pretty much a walking deadhead.

May I ask the fandom a favor?  Absolutely no one else say "The last episode will be Rick waking up from a coma and everything was a dream."  Anyone who says that, says it as if they are they only one to ever think of that theory....guess what?  You're not; I've heard it many many many times.....AND if you're really a fan, you'd know by now that Robert Kirkman has said many many times that that isn't how it's going to end because that would be a cheat to fans - what's happening is actually stop mentioning the coma thing okay?

Next.....I hate to see Andrew Lincoln leave the show too; but I don't see it as a death sentence to the show.  Since the show has always revolved around Rick as who the story is about.....think of all the new things that can happen, all the new adventures, scenery and story lines.  I think there is great potential here.  And remember, Andrew chose to leave, the show didn't just get rid of him so quit complaining to the higher powers.

Stop wishing the storyline away.....When the group was on the farm back in season 2...all I heard about was The Governor and the prison storyline......when that finally arrived, the fans complained the storyline took too long and oh well The Governor is nothing - wait to Negan gets here.  Negan, Negan, Negan.....that's all I heard for I don't know how long....then he shows up and then all I heard was The Whisperers.  Let's get something straight - don't rush the story wanted Negan then complained that the story took to long.  Guess what?  The Whisperers storyline is like forever in the graphic novel; I can't imagine what you all will do once that starts playing out on your tv. 

Slow down, sit back and enjoy!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Keto Diet

Let's discuss the Keto Diet since it's the big diet craze of the moment.

I'm no expert on Keto, though I did do Atkins at one time and that's in the same category, but I know many who haved jumped the band wagon and have been successful.  

Let's put one thing out there "any diet plan you choose you will be successful with as long as you are doing it".
Basically it means it has to be something you can live with...FOREVER.

Keto is a low carb, high fat, moderate protein diet. There are many resources available online. Since this is the current diet craze,  there are people/companies trying to sell products to go with the diet. Please be aware you do not need these products to do this diet, don't be fooled.

You will need to plan your meals, you will need to make your meals, you will probably have to give up some of your favorite foods but once you know the program you'll do fine.

I'm not for or against this diet. Each individual needs to decide what will work best for them.

Check the bottom of the side bar for links to Keto websites.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Product Review

I don't know if it's just the product itself or if it was just needed, but yesterday I replaced our wifi router.

Yes, this post has nothing to do with weight loss but my blog isn't designed for just one topic.


We have 2 smart tv's, 2 smart phones, numerous tablets and a desktop.  We depend a lot on our wifi.  The smart tv in the bedroom often had issues streaming Hulu as it was furtherest from the smartphone was becoming difficult to do web searches on as it was always freezing.  It's frustrating!

I was housesitting at my one sister's house last week and she had gotten a new wifi router:

The Netgear AC1600 Smart WiFi Router

It had an interesting look (mine still has the antennas) and since the box was still there I started reading that this was a perfect router for a large home (which I don't have) and homes with multiple wifi devices (which I do have).  So when I was done the housesitting job, I went out and bought this same router.

Just so you know, when you have multi devices all fighting for the same wifi signal, it can slow things down; that apparently was what was happening in my house.  This router is made for just that, so it's a big help.

It took minutes to set this router up (easy peasy) and all the items now work like they should!  Gone are the days of my smartphone not web searching and Hulu not streaming correctly - everything works as it should.

Should of replaced that router a long time ago, lol!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Simply Filling

The last plan on our Weight Watchers Plan list is "Simply Filling".

What?  Weight Watchers has another plan?

Yep, they keep this one well hidden.

Simply Filling, sometimes referred to as the No Count Plan, is a more extreme version of Freestyle.

With Simply Filling the no count food list just got bigger (you do not get any daily points to use) - ALL low fat meats are included...that means low fat beef; potatoes are added to the no count vegetable list as well.  You'd be surprised what all is on the list:  whole wheat pastas (yep, you can now have pasta and not count it), light breads and fat free milk/yogurt (even the flavored ones) and much more.

And if you want something that isn't on the list?  You still have your weekly points to use.

Freestyle is a step towards Simply Filling.  I am predicting that Simply Filling will be the WW Plan within the next 5 years.  It just seems to be where it is heading.

Don't let this plan scare you.  There are some really good FB groups to help you with it and you'd be amazed of the recipes that are made with totally zero count foods.  It's definitely worth a look.

Weight Watchers keeps this well hidden on their website, so here's the direct link:

Simply Filling Information on the Weight Watchers Website

Simply Filling Brochure

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Beach Post

I'm at the beach this week and have that "I'm fat and look like crap" attitude going on. Nothing lets you know how much you're failing at weight loss than seeing yourself in a bathing suit.

I really hate myself over this and have been making a list of what I need to do in order to do better. I found the 4 week challenge on FB.

I don't believe I can do everything all at once, HOWEVER, I am going to aim for:  No chips or french fries, and the No cake, donuts, cookies or candy. 

I figure if I do it in steps, I won't get overwhelmed. I'll just work it with Freestyle, which will be easy because it fits perfectly.

So I have a plan.....that's a start.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018


So we've discussed Classic Points, Points Plus and Smart Points.  Now it's time to discuss the current Weight Watcher plan - FREESTYLE.

First, anything you need to count a point for is calculated the Smart Point way; so there's not new points to learn.

Weight Watchers took a look at what everyone was eating, took note of the filling options and created FREESTYLE.

Freestyle is a step between points and their Simply Filling plan.  Freestyle is an AWESOME plan and despite my dislike of Smart Points; I can overlook that part.

Freestyle gives you a list of 200 foods that you do not have to count points for; that list consists of vegetables, fruit, beans, chicken & turkey breast, seafood and eggs with a few exceptions.  Weight Watchers says to eat these foods until you are full, not stuffed and you don't have to weigh, measure and track them.

Wait? What?
Right, you don't have to weigh, measure or track them.

Let's back up here......just because you don't have to, doesn't mean you can't.  If you don't trust yourself, by all means weigh, measure and track.  Also remember, just because you don't have to count it (or count it as 0 pts) doesn't mean the food doesn't have calories, carbs, fat, sugar, etc...
Don't confuse 0 pts as 0 calories - it doesn't work that way.

The biggest complaint I hear about FREESTYLE - is that "if I knew how to stop eating when I am full, I wouldn't need Weight Watchers".  You are just like me!  So knowing need to weigh, measure and track it.  Yes the tracker will show 0 and that's fine; but at least you'll know serving sizes.  Sometimes you have to do what you know you need to do and stop blaming the program.

Side Note:   I once saw a post where a WW member was complaining about just this.  I offered the advice above to weigh, measure and track.  They thanked me and said they'd give that a try.  A few hours later (yep, just hours) they posted again complaining that if they had to weigh, measure and track then they really aren't doing Freestyle.....why can't they have the choice to go back to Smart Points.

Yeah, I shook my head and laughed too!  You were given advice...and without even giving it a came up with another excuse of why the program won't work for you.  First the excuse was you needed more structure, then when you were told well you can do that, you came back with well that's not really doing the program is it?  Actually, yes it is!  Notice the name FREE in the program - you're free to make it your own!

Obviously this was a person who just wanted Smart Points back but was failing to realize that on Smart Points they'd be weighing, measuring and why can't they do it on Freestyle?

Don't get hung up on only eating the 0 pt foods either.  The next biggest complaint?  I am so sick of eating eggs and chicken.   Ummm.....why are you eating so much of it?  Why aren't you using those points?

If you only eat off that list, you are depriving yourself and will get bored very easily with this plan.  You need to use those points.  Plan ahead....if you want burgers or pasta one night; fill that into the tracker and then work the rest of the day around it.  The points are there to be used....use them.

This is also in line with the people who accuse WW of forcing them to only eat certain foods - "they're trying to tell me what to eat"......again, you do not only have to eat the zero foods - use the points!  And no WW isn't forcing you to eat certain foods......they are nudging you towards healthy choices.  There's a huge difference.

Still Here and Still Moving Forward

Hi there....yeah I know, I've been away for a while.

Sometimes I just don't know what to write about.

Weight wise, I'm maintaining...which is good but I know I could be so much better.
Yesterday was a bad point day.  I managed to use  (are you ready for this?) 94 POINTS!  Yikes!

You read that right, 94......I'm now 31 points in the hole for the week.  How'd that happen?
Easy actually...I started the day with Funfetti Pancake Muffins from Drizzle Me Skinny.  I then had corn on the cob and watermelon for lunch.  Later in the afternoon as I felt like I was starving....I ended up at McDonald's for a McDouble no cheese, small fry and a large Caramel Frappe.......yep.....not good.  I then ended my day at Rutter's for fried chicken wings and mozzarella sticks.


So today, I'm starting out better.  Sundays mean a big meal at my parent's house so I opted for a bigger more filling breakfast to hopefully hold off eating too much there.  This is where you get a real eye opener:

Yesterday for breakfast, as I mentioned above, I had the Funfetti Pancake Muffins (which are awesome by the way) for 5 pts.

Today I had, a 1/2 batch of the pancake muffins (3 pts) along with 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon (2 pts) and a banana.  All for the same amount of points that yesterday was!  And much more filling!

Now I just need to get some walking in to get some of those weekly points would be nice to not be in the hole at weigh-in!

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Every once in a while I have to give a product review, especially if it's something that I think you may like.  Take note that these opinions are totally my own and the company isn't asking me to give a review at all.

I've heard of Walden Farms but never really paid attention to it mostly because when I saw it in the grocery store it was rather pricey.

Last week at our WW meetings, one of our struggling returnees stated that she was having a hard time because she had to give up all her favorite foods.  We advised that you didn't, but you do need to make some healthier choices or finds something new to eat.  Sometimes she said she just wanted a banana split.

This got me to can I make a banana split point worthy?  It was rather easy!

First you start with a banana!  That's 0 points, so we're off to a good start.  Ice cream was the next could use frozen cool whip (as I did with my brownie a few posts back) but I decided on Halo ice cream.  There are lots of low point options in this area and you just have to pick what you like; in my case I chose the Halo Birthday Cake - I added 3/4 cups to my split for 4 points.  Now it was time for topping!  That's where Walden Farms came in.  I chose their Caramel syrup:

This stuff is AWESOME and 1 tbsp is 0 pts!  It's not overly thick, so one tablespoon is plenty. (You can actually use a lot of this for 0 pts).  Along with it I got this:

This is really thick (thicker than the regular) and 2 tbsp will run you 0 pts.  Taste wise?  It's so-so, it's doable and point worthy but I don't know if I'd like it alone or as the only topping.  For future reference:  Walden Farms makes a chocolate syrup as well; had I not already of bought this one at the first store, I'd of just paid the extra dollar for theirs(as I'm sure it's as AWESOME as the caramel one).

What about toppings?  I added blueberries (0 pts) and 3 marachino cherries (1 pts) and got a total of 5 pts for a banana split!!

And it tasted WONDERFUL!!!  So see........ you can have a banana split on Weight Watchers!

You should check out the Walden Farms website.  Don't rely on their store locator as it says no store within a 20 mile radius of where I'm at has their products and that wasn't true, lol!  They have all types of products to help you with your journey.  Pricey?  Yes, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

My Mojo

Motivation is the one key to successful weight loss.  If your head is in the right place, the rest will follow.

When I started WW back in 2010, my head was in the right place.  I don't know why it was, as I had thought of joining WW for sometime but always talked myself out of it, but one day it just clicked.

After I made lifetime and the weight came back, I can't tell you how many times I rejoined WW.  I knew I needed to do it, I knew I could do it, but the motivation just wasn't there.

That's where I've been since I rejoined WW this last time in 2015 (2-1/2 years ago).  I pay, go to meetings and don't do the program.  I've lost and relost the same 5-10 lbs over and over.  I'm not the only one struggling with this.

Last week was the first time in ions that I've had any true motivation.  Again, I can't really tell you where it came from but this meme put it in motion:

I saw it and saw myself in it.  Maybe, just maybe....motivation wasn't the issue, maybe just maybe all the excuses were.  I can relate to every excuse on this page, EVERY SINGLE ONE.   "I'm all alone" is probably at the bottom because I have very good family, friend and WW group support, so I'm not alone......but weight loss is an individual thing and you can feel alone because I know I do at times.

I printed this meme out and have hung it on my bulletin board at work and on the refrigerator at home; I'll probably hang it a few more places.  There isn't a day that one of these thoughts does not go through my head.....but I see this and tell myself it's nothing more than an excuse - I CAN DO THIS!

Friday, June 8, 2018


I am happy to say that my staying on plan paid off - I was down 2.8 lbs at weigh-in HURRAY!

I am also happy that some of the people who have left our meetings are starting to come back!  It makes it nice to be able to re-start my journey with the people I did my last journey with.

Trying to stay on plan this week, our meeting set a goal to lose at least 1 lb each week in I want to be there!  Movie tonight will kill me with popcorn and jujy fruits - BUT, I'm working on earning fitpoints to cover it.

Onward I go......

Monday, June 4, 2018

A Weight Watcher Recipe Even Lighter Without Losing Flavor

If you haven't visited the website Drizzle Me Skinny, you really should.  No fancy recipes here - normal everyday food made to fit the Weight Watchers program.

Tonight I made her Chicken Rice Crescent Topped Casserole with a few changes to make it even more point friendly than I thought I was capable of doing.  Her recipe comes to 8 sp per serving and is perfect as is!

The first thing I looked at was where could I make cuts without losing flavor?
The recipe called for white rice and I replaced that with riced cauliflower.  For the record, I am not a cauliflower person, however, in this recipe you never taste the this was a good change and dropped the points to 7 sp.  Entering everything into the Weight Watcher recipe builder, I discovered the crescent rolls were very could I cut points there?

Fortunately, CC decided to try the 2 ingredient dough made with 1 cup self rising flour and 1 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt.  She had made bagels.  Hmmmmmm.........that dough is used for all kinds of things!  Could I replace those crescents with this dough?  Yep, you bet you can!

I made some changes just for my own taste that didn't make a difference.  I ended up with some awesome goodness!

The dough actually didn't have a lot of taste and was rather doughy, HOWEVER, this dish was so tasty it didn't matter and they ended up being more like dumplings!

My Recipe?

1 cup Fat Free Chicken Broth
10.5 oz can of Cream of Chicken Soup (98% fat free)
1/2 cup Fat Free Milk
10 oz of shredded chicken breast, cooked
2 cups Steamable mixed vegetables
2 cups Steamable Riced Cauliflower
2/3 cup Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (I don't do Fat Free cheese)
1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
2 ingredient dough

And the final point count?  5 sp

And Hubby gave it a thumbs up!!

A Meal Share

I want to share my meals with you.....

Thursday (Total Points used: 21)

1 container of Oikos Plain Greek nonfat yogurt with the following added to it - 1 tbsp of sugar free fat free chocolate pudding mix and a 1/4 cup honey nut cheerios.  Banana on the side.
Total:  2 sp

1 cup watermelon
WW Oven baked cheddar twists
Sandwich - 1 slice 647 white bread with 2 oz Virginia ham and 1 slice Sargento thin sliced swiss cheese
Total: 5 sp

5 oz. pork chop
1 medium baked potato with spray butter
Total: 10 sp

Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish
Total: 4 sp

Friday (Total Points used:  21)

Same as Thursday
Total:  2 sp

Whole Wheat Chili Mac
1 cup Grapes
Total: 4 sp

Baked Chicken Breast with skin ***I did count points for the skin
1 cup potatoes air fried
Total:  7 sp

Fiber One Brownie with 1/4 cup frozen Cool Whip and berries on the side
Total:  5 sp

Saturday (Total Points used:  27)

1 serving of Drizzle Me Skinny's Funfetti Pancake Pie
1 tbsp sugar free syrup
3/4 cup of milk
1 banana
Total:  5 sp

BLT:  2 slices 647 White Bread, 1 tbsp light mayo, 4 slices center cut bacon, lettuce & tomato
19 Reduced Fat Potato Chips
Total:  10 sp

Haddock filet
Mixed Vegetables
Total:  0 sp

Total:  12 sp

I share these not only to keep myself honest, but to show you that Yes - you can eat more than just the zero point foods.  As a matter of fact, you should be eating more than zero point foods.

Also notice I had days that I didn't use all my dailies, and a time when I went over.  Don't restrict yourself too much - it may be trial and error but you'll find what works best for you without it feeling like a diet.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

WW Smart Points

After about 5 years of Points Plus.....WW decided to make their "Biggest Change Ever".

I remember seeing the "Biggest Change Ever" signs at the meetings.  At that time I was rather "pointed out" and totally off track and thought a big change is what I needed.  I assumed that "Biggest Change Ever" meant that points were about to go away.

I couldn't of been more really wasn't a big was just another point program that for the first time in WW points history that the logo "eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight" could no longer be used.

Smart Points gave sugar a big hit.  And I mean a BIG hit.  A sugar treat could take all of your daily or weekly points and leave you with no points.  For the first time WW felt like a diet.

I've never been a fan of Smart Points (and I have no issue with anyone that loves it), and being a person already "pointed out" and kind of in limbo - it didn't help.  I found myself binging.....and if I ate something that was way too high in points - I just didn't track it.

Smart Points was a huge fail for me.

Smart Points is calculated with Calories, Sat. Fat, Sugar and Protein.  There are no Good Health Guidelines to follow as the program forces you to eat the healthy stuff to stay within your allotted points.  For the first time ever.......not everyone had the same number of weekly points AND as you lost weight, you lost weekly points as well.  On the plus side, Protein was encouraged and went down in points.

Though I know many that have Smart Points success stories; it really wasn't for me and it doesn't mean it wasn't because I didn't want to eat healthy (the normal response you get from the SP Lovers); it just wasn't the program for me.

Friday, June 1, 2018


I had a sweet tooth today and went back to an "oldie" from my Weight Watchers past.

What you are looking at is strawberries and blueberries (obviously), a Fiber One Brownie (4 sp) and 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) of Fat Free Cool Whip (1 sp).  It's tasty and satisfies that sweet tooth!  Oh and pop the brownie into the microwave for about 10 seconds - makes it like it just came out of the oven and the Cool Whip was frozen to give it that ice cream taste.

I've done really well the past few days and I'm not just eating chicken and eggs (which so many of the Freestyle complainers seem to think you have to do).

Tomorrow morning for breakfast I'm making Berry Funfetti Pancake Pie from Drizzle Me Skinny.  I've always wanted to try the Kodiak Pancake/Waffle mix and was thrilled to find it on sale at my local grocery store.  I'm pretty bad when it comes to "flipping" anything while cooking, so making it in a pie dish makes it "Laura" friendly.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


I've been extremely bad lately and just all over the place.  I found the above meme on FB and thought, yep, that's me!!

But today was a new day and I've had myself on track, so hopefully I can continue on.  If I could just get one full week in, totally on plan....I think I could continue on!

So here's to the next week!

Monday, May 21, 2018

WW Points Plus

In December 2010, Weight Watchers retired their classic point program and presented Points Plus.
Points Plus (pp) is my very favorite Weight Watchers plan.

Points Plus took the point plan to the next step and attacked those bad carbs!  Snacky items went up 2-3 points and fruit dropped to zero.  Weight Watchers wanted you to choose fruit over the snack and as long as you didn't go hog wild with fruit, the program worked.

Of course, when it comes to zero point food, the majority of people just don't get it.  The foods do have calories and you're never to stuff yourselves with them.  But people do and then blame Weight Watchers for it.

Points Plus actually is a good plan, it's calculation for points used Fat, Carbs, Fiber & Protein.  You also had Good Health Guidelines to follow:  2 healthy oils, 3-5 servings fruit/veggies, 2 dairy, 1 multi-vitamin and 6 - 8 oz servings of water.  I think Weight Watchers should still have these guidelines as you could just build your menus around them.

Points Plus gave you daily points and everyone got 49 weeklies.  It worked!

Monday Motivation

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Goals

So after much diagnosis, it seems the fan on my video card in my desktop is what is making the clacking noise.  After much compressed air spraying with no real result, I found a matching video card on ebay.  Hopefully, once I popped the new one in everything will be perfect!  Even though my desktop is old, it still has great specs and still has much life left in her.

Anyhow....let's review my goals for the week:

A one mile walk daily

64 oz. water daily

Breakfast daily.

A point friendly lunch daily.

A multi-vitamin daily.

That should all be doable!

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Sorry there is no motivation post today....I'm not sure I'm going to do them forever or even everyday, right now my desktop is sort of on the works but has an annoying clicking noise (and no it isn't the hard drive or the fans).  Currently I'm on a laptop that I had forgotten I had but I've needed to do some updating and of course load the necessary programs.  Though I use Back Blaze as a back up, I still want to be able to use something if the computer goes kaput!  The absolutely worse thing that could happen to me, lol!

Weekends are my "hard to stay on plan" days.....I'll add them as a goal at some point but right now I want to get things in order for the days that I can stay on plan!  The work week normally makes that possible.

So in addition to staying with my last week goals of a one mile walk daily (by the way, I did do that this week, in the rain) eating breakfast and drinking 64 oz of water a day; this week I'm going to work on lunches and a multi-vitamin.  May not seem like much but it is baby steps that move you on!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WW Classic Points Plan

I want to go over the Weight Watcher plans; so today we're going to discuss the original point plan that we'll refer to as Classic Points (cp).

Classic Points was the big one - the one that brought points to Weight Watchers and what they've been forever known for.  Classic had a few different varieties over time - sometimes you had a certain number of points, other times you had a range of points to stay within.  You also could bank unused points to use on another day.  When I joined Weight Watchers in September 2010, Classic gave you a daily point target and everyone got 35 weekly points, there was no banking of unused points anymore.

Classic was pretty straight forward, to get a point value you used a calculation of Calories, Fat & Fiber.  Don't have your cardboard slider or hand calculator available?  It was still easy - 1 point for every 50 calories.

I liked Classic and lost my first 20 lbs. on it.  I think Classic really works well for the person that wants and needs to lose weight but doesn't want to give up all their favorite foods.  When Weight Watchers would say "Eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight" - Classic was the plan they were talking about.

You can still do Classic "unofficially".  There's all types of information on the internet to get you started and going and there are apps available. 

I highly recommend the app itrackbites, you are able to do ANY of the plans on this app.  For obvious reasons they can't use "points" so they call them "bites".  On this app the Classic plan is known simply as "bites classic".

****Watch recipes when it comes to Weight Watchers.  WW has had 3 different point programs which gives an item a different point value depending on the program.  If you come across a recipe online and it doesn't specifically say what program the point value is for, it is best to calculate from the nutritional values or run the recipe thru the recipe builder to get the correct points for your program.****

Wednesday Motivation

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tuesday Update

Quick Update on how my weekly goals are coming along:

I have been drinking 64 oz of water a day.

I have walked 1 mile each day.

I have been having a smoothie for breakfast.

I realize it has only been 2 days, but hey - I'm on track!

Tuesday Motivation

Monday, May 14, 2018

Weight Watchers

Let's discuss Weight Watchers (WW) a bit.

If you're a current Weight Watcher you are probably using the plan "Freestyle" which is a step between their Smart Points plan and their Simply Filling Plan.  I've no doubt in a year or two everyone will be doing Simply Filling - it's just where it is headed.

I think "Freestyle" is a very good plan and I do think that Simply Filling is excellent.  However, both plans rely on you to know your body well and know when to stop eating those "zero" point foods (which by the way aren't really zero points nor zero calories).  That may be easy for some but not for many.

Having difficulty with Freestyle?  I see the complaints on the boards all the time.  Just so you know, that no matter how much you whine and complain....the old plan(s) aren't coming back nor are you going to get to choose the plan you prefer.  How do I know that?  Because every time the plan changes there are whiner and complainers (I've been one) and it doesn't change anything.  Some of you even like to post how much money WW is losing by not giving choices or by changing the plan.  Guess what?  WW is not losing money.  For every person that has quit, they've gained one or two new ones.  Doesn't seem fair does it?

My favorite comments are the ones that say "this isn't the plan I signed up for" and "this is a breach of contract" - Yeah,  Y'all are just too funny!

And don't even get me started on the ones who complain that their "paid period" is up and WW has continued to charge them at the monthly rate  OR  that they haven't been to a meeting in ions and WW is still charging them.  READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!  Just because you signed the contract without reading doesn't make WW in the wrong - pay attention to what you are doing.  One - it clearly states that the membership will continue until YOU cancel it.  Not the receptionists at the meetings job, not even WW's job - it's YOURS.  Let's be adults here.  Now if you cancelled, got a cancellation number and they still charge - you do have a legitimate complaint...but it shouldn't take you a year or two to notice they are still charging you (yep, I've seen that on comments as well).

And remember......the next charge will come out 2 weeks before the due date!  Another thing listed in the contract that seems to get missed.

We got the specifics out of the time we'll look at all the different plans!

Monday Motivation

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Setting Weekly Goals On Sunday

I want to set some weekly goals for myself on Sundays.  Some may be something new or some may be to just continue on.  For this week I want to:

1.   Walk a mile each day.  I'm not talking about all my steps in a day adding up to a mile.  I want to physically walk a mile each day.  Hopefully I can increase that at some point, but for now a mile will do.

2.   Eat breakfast.  I'm not a huge breakfast eater when I first get up, but I need to eat something to get myself going.

3.   Drink water.  I have no issue drinking plain old water and when I put my mind to it, I can drink the "eight 8 oz servings or more".  I need to get back to that.

What goals do you have for yourself?

In The Beginning

It always seems to come down to weight loss.  I did it once, back in September 2010 I joined Weight Watchers under their original point program and dropped 20 lbs. in 3 months.  They then changed the plan to Point Plus and I lost 20 more and by August of 2011, I was a lifetime member.

And, of course, life took over and the weight came back.

I've joined and rejoined Weight Watchers a numerous amount of time but could never get the motivation that I had the first time.  Right now I'm a WW member and have been for 2-1/2 years but all I've done is lose and re-lose the same 10 lbs. over and over.  It's depressing, I don't blame the program - I know it's me....but I need to get my butt in gear and get things done!

This blog isn't about Weight Watchers or any other specific plan.  You'll find lots of information on Weight Watchers because I know so much about it.  This blog is about finding me....weight does have something to do with that, but I know there's a whole lot more to "me" than just weight loss and we need to get that girl in gear.

You may have a "me" to find too.  Let's do it together!