Thursday, April 5, 2018

Introducing Freestyle

Now that my illness is over, family matters have been's time to get back to Weight Watchers.

Let's start right back at the beginning.  If you're a meetings member you have a booklet titled "Introducing Freestyle".  This is a very informative little book - read it!  You can find the information on the website as well:  Your Plan .

Don't just dive through the booklet, ask questions at meetings.

I want you to look at page 7 where it talks about Zero Point Foods.  The first line says..... "These foods don't need to be tracked or measured".  This little blip has caused more controversy then anything I've ever seen at Weight Watchers:

"If I knew when to stop eating, I wouldn't need Weight Watchers"
I can totally agree with that and understand, but just because it says you don't have to track or measure doesn't mean you can't!

"We need to be held accountable"
No, YOU know that YOU need to be held accountable.  That's the beauty of "free"'re free to do what you want!  Need accountability?  Well do it!

"We use to have to count points, were encouraged to eat all our points because zero points means we starve our bodies and don't lose weight."
You are still counting points and can eat all of them.  Zero points does not equal zero calories.  If you're body is starving, you're not following the plan.

I could go on....BUT.....if all you're going to do is find fault, then turn around and walk away.  Why are you still here?

I don't mean to sound harsh, but basically that's what it comes down to - get on plan or move on!  The plan is almost 6 months old, if it isn't for you - that's fine..but it isn't necessary to go on public boards and continue to whine and complain.  Certainly there is a plan out there to fit your needs.

There is no reason that you need to change from how you were eating on Smart Points.  

My menu for today (Thursday is Day 1 for me):

This was actually a smoothie, so all that got blended together.

I really didn't have "Ponderosa", but that was the closest thing I could find in the database to what I was eating.


And.....there's not one egg on the menu!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Than Just Weight Loss

When I started this blog "finding my Laura" was to find my motivation to get my weight loss back in order, I have since found out that "finding my Laura" is a whole lot more than just weight loss.  "Laura" is not a number on the scale but rather an entire being that involves spirit, mind and body.  To find her, all those things need to come together.

I'm a step mom to two step-children that are now adults.  Both are married, living their own lives.  My step daughter has three boys and my stepson has a boy and a girl. The grandchildren all have several sets of grandparents which I guess is pretty normal these days.   

We're not the "front" grandparents; we're kind of in the background.  We both still work full time, struggle to make ends meet and love our grand kids but can't really do for them what the other grandparents can.  Trust me, no one treats us second class, but we know where we are and we know we could make more contact but we don't and it works for us and actually no one seems to care.

I've been sick and practically bedridden with this horrible flu for a week's been awful and because of it, hubby has had to deal with running the house and working both.  Sad but true.  At some point, over the weekend I remembered thinking about grand boy M's birthday and found it odd I hadn't been notified about the grandparent party; but then thought maybe they were pushing it back to the next weekend and so thought no further of it.........until the day of his actual birthday....

Hubby started getting these nasty texts from his son about us missing M's birthday party.  He replied with the obvious, we knew nothing about the party.  It went downhill from there.....

Of course we knew of the party because daughter-in-law had sent out a grandparent text message days ago.....okay, well we never got it.  Well then knowing he had a birthday coming up we should of called to find out......okay, well I'm sick with the flu, life has kind of taken over......okay, well you should of called your grandson to wish him a happy birthday.  (cause we all know my 3 year old grandson will be traumatized for life because he didn't hear from one set of four grandparents on his birthday).  Oh and if they didn't force us, we wouldn't even be part of the family. (well buh-bye then).  There was also mention of when grand girl Molly's birthday next month, the date and that we were invited. (really???)

You see the problem?

I call this over thinking the situation or it's time the adult children that have children actually grow-up.

But I don't tell you this situation so you can tell me I'm right or they're right.....I tell it because it DID get me thinking that "finding my laura" involved more than weight loss.

This situation made me think about how someone was trying to guilt me into submission; was trying to set rules on how I should be a grandparent; was trying to tell me how tirelessly they work to keep me in the family as if I place such a burden on them.  And you know what?  For my own mental health, I decided I don't need it.  

There should never be rules on how to be a good family member (there shouldn't be rules period), I'm way too old now for you to try to guilt me (honey, I have no shame at this age) and I don't want to burden you when obviously you have plenty of family who are willing to line right up and abide by your rules without you working at it at all.

See?  We're all good!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Finding My Laura

Sorry everyone.......the intent was there when I started this blog....but life just gets in the way.

But I'm still here, still looking to find myself within the gained weight.

I have not given up!

My partner in crime and about everything else - Cousin Chris (aka: CC) - has made it back to her goal weight and therefore back to Lifetime.......and well, it is much easier for me when we both are in the same place.

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for her - I want to be there and I realize she needs to continue on too, in order to stay there.  It just seems like it is so much easier for her though.

I fight a slow thyroid.  Yes, you can lose weight with a hypo-thyroid; it does take a little longer though and your thyroid meds should be at a working level.  But you can do it, I know, I've done it.

Just feeling sorry for me happens.  Hoping to get things running here soon as well as some pod casts.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Let's Freestyle!

Okay, so you've decided to give Freestyle and honest try; by "honest" try I mean you are willing to do the program without fighting it, without complaining about it and without comparing it to prior plans.  So what's the best way to start?

First, it helps to know the program.  If you're a meeting member you will get that info there; online members can find the information on the website.  Read through it and print off a list of the zero foods.

Second, "zero" doesn't mean the food is free of calories, fat, carbs or even points for that matter.  It's just a list of foods that WW says you can eat, within reason, and lose weight.  Have a hard time with that "within reason" part?  Weigh, track and measure!  Yeah, the program may tell you that you don't have to weigh, track or measure those zero foods, but you know whether you should or not...take some responsibility for yourself - do it if you have to!

Third, don't just eat the zero foods.  Big, big mistake.  You'll get sick of the foods and binge.  You are given daily points for a reason - use them!  You don't know how often I hear "I'm so sick of eating chicken and eggs."  Of course you are, but the plan isn't designed for you to just eat that!

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to plan ahead.  Know your week and what will be happening during it.  Is there a day you may be going to a party/gathering/picnic?  Then know that you may need your weeklies and rollovers to cover that!  Plan your week around it.  Get out of the chicken rut but going ahead and putting in what point things you want to eat during the week and then working the rest of the day around it.  Here's how my Saturday went:

This was a very filling breakfast and notice it only cost me 2 pts!

Lunch was another good one and only 3 pts.

Ah......dinner was an 8 pointer but didn't involve chicken!  See.. you don't just have to eat chicken!

I did have two WW snack bars for snacks, totaling in at 5 pts.  For the day, I still had 5 pts leftover, 4 of which rolled over until today.

So plan those days ahead of time and fill in the rest!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Freestyle Complaints

Before I begin to tell you how to use Freestyle successfully.....  let me address a few of the complaints I've heard regarding Freestyle.

I've been losing successfully on Smartpoints and then you changed the plan.  Now I'm gaining.
What are you doing differently?  Just eat the way you did on  smartpoints!

I wouldn't need Weight Watchers if I knew when to stop eating.
True, overeating is our issue; but WW never told you to eat all you want without stopping.  What they say is to eat until satisfied not stuffed.  Still have an issue with it?  Guess what?  You ARE allowed to weigh, measure and track just like you always did!

So many people hate Freestyle that unofficial groups are popping up all over; we should of been given a choice!
Guess what?  Every time the program changes, there's haters and "unofficial groups" pop up all over.  Guess what?  Every time the program changes, the people that preferred the old program didn't get a choice.  Guess what?  Going to WW FB page and complaining isn't bringing the old program back, it never does.

I lost so many points and don't eat any of the free foods.
Really?????  You never eat vegetables, fruit, chicken, turkey, seafood, beans.....what are you eating?  

I really just prefer Smartpoints!
Guess what?  You CAN still do Smartpoints with the WW app!  You just have to be willing to do a little work and adjustments.  How?

First, you cannot do step 1 from the Android App (but once you make the changes they will appear on the app and then you can use it).  I'm unsure if you can do this from the iPhone App but you can make the changes on the website and on the mobile website.

1.  Go to your settings and change your objective from losing weight to maintain weight.  Once you do that you will be able to set your points for both daily and weekly.  Just change your dailies back to whatever they were on Smartpoints!  Save and presto - You have those points back!

2. Now for where you'll need to do work.  If you weren't already at the lowest points of 30***, it will be up to you to decide when you need to lower those as you lose.  Remember that!

3. For the foods that are now zero points; you will need to create food to get their point values back.  If you pull up for example "chicken" on the app, it will say 0...but there is nutritional information there, write that down.  Now go in to create food, and plug the nutritional information in and you will get a point value.  Anytime you want to log that food, pull it up under My Food or your Favorites.

Don't want to go through all that?  There are several unofficial apps that you can use!

***Note:  I don't remember what the daily point range was for Smartpoints, I know the lowest was 30.  If you were in the higher range and after the adjustment it won't let you go as high as you were...add the difference to the weeklies.  Don't use weeklies?  Then just make the weeklies the difference.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Hi Everyone and Welcome to Finding My Laura.

This is a blog about nothing more then my weight loss journey with a few everyday life things thrown in.  I'm a Weight Watchers Lifetimer and thus Weight Watchers is my weight loss plan of choice.

I started Weight Watchers back in September of 2010 under the original point plan (referred to as classic points or pts).  I lost 20 lbs. in 16 weeks on that plan and then it was changed to Points Plus (pp).  Points Plus is by far my very favorite point plan of Weight Watchers.  I lost another 20 lbs. for a total of 40 lbs. in a year and then walked off to enjoy life.  Yeah, well......

I don't know how many times I went back and rejoined never quite doing the program.  You never really have that original mojo that you had the first time.  Finally in October 2016, my cousin CC and I headed back again determined this time to really make it work.  Then they changed the program to Smart Points (sp) my very least favorite plan - blah!!

Oh I've continued to go but never really did much other than make some great friends! Finally after 2 years Weight Watchers finally began to get things right with Freestyle!  A baby step towards their Simply Filling plan and a baby steps toward being point free!

Though my mojo still isn't where it really needs to be, I know I can do it.

So join me on my journey and in the comments share yours!

Sunday, February 18, 2018