Friday, December 15, 2017

So You Truly Hate Freestyle and Want To Go Back To SmartPoints Without Leaving Weight Watchers

Okay, I'll give it to you.  You may just not want to do Freestyle.  You want the old SmartPoints plan back, you want to use your WW app and you want to continue with meetings.

Guess what?  With a little effort you can do all three!

First you need to remember what your Daily and Weekly points were.  You also must remember that on original SmartPoints, the lowest the dailies go are 30.  If you're anywhere above 30, keep in mind that you'll have to decide as you lose weight when to lower your daily point target as well.

Now here's how to set your official WW app and you must do this from a COMPUTER, you can't do it from the app:

Log in and go to your settings.

Under Program Preferences, Edit your Objective from Lose Weight and choose Maintain Weight.  Once you do that you can set your daily and weekly points.  Update and TA-DA - you have your daily points back!

Now.....for the new No Count (zero point) foods; you will have to create a food (you can do that from the app or computer).  You will need the nutritional information to do that.  For things in packages/cans (beans, non-fat plain yogurt) that will be pretty simple.  For items such as chicken, for example, just pull it up in the WW app and though it will say "0" - click it and it will give you the serving size and nutritional info.  Write in down and then create a food with it.  These will save under "My Foods" or you can even Favorite it.  Now those foods will have a point value for you.

See how simple that was?

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