Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Year In Review

Awwww.....the year started poorly, some unexpected sleet slid me off the road, and though I wasn't sweet Santa Fe suffered more damage than the insurance company thought it was worth.  I LOVED that car!!

(this was from a previous ice storm, not long after I got it)

Of course, with a totaled car.....comes a newer one:

It's used, it's got some mileage...but I am loving my Chrysler 200, who I have named Ramona.

We were blessed this year with our 5th grandchild and first grand daughter!  Molly Elizabeth:

Course we can't get through a year without some heartbreak.....I lost my Rossi:

And as much as I hate to put it this way.......just like the car, I lose a guinea pig...I get THREE:

Bernie, Nigel and Ozzy were all added to the household!

Grandboy Miles had his first experience with carnival rides and we were the grandparents that got to experience it with him:

He even got on the big Ferris Wheel with Paul-Paul.

Another vacation with my sister, nieces and great-nephews in Ocean City, MD:

I so want to live at the beach!

Our Lucy lost one of her eyes.  Dog owners:  if you're dog is ever winking at you or has an eye not completely open you need a vet visit ASAP.  It may be nothing, but if it's an eye injury it can go downhill very very fast.

My oldest sister got remarried and moved to South Carolina!  Happy Times!

Weight Watchers enhanced their Smart Points program with FREESTYLE and brought my weight loss mojo back - I've Found My Laura!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Time To Start A Weight Loss Program

It's that time of year!  Lots of you will be looking to start a Weight Loss Program to take off the Holiday pounds.

My weight loss program of choice is Weight Watchers.  But before you join, please take note of the following:

When you join, you are a member until YOU cancel.  That's right, whether you're online or meetings, you are a member until YOU cancel.  For some reason everyone misses that little fine print, when they sign up, it tells you that after the initial period you signed up for is over, the membership will continue at the monthly rate.  WW does not track your usage to see if you're still using it nor will your meeting just cancel you if you stop showing up.  Be an Adult, read what you're signing up for.

If you cancel, watch your statements to make sure you're not still being charged.  Again, time to grow up and be an adult.  Things happen, things go wrong; but there is no reason that a year after you've cancelled you should be on WW's FB page complaining that they've been taking money out for a year that you knew nothing about.  You SHOULD be looking at your statements, this isn't WW's fault, it's yours!

Now that the fine print is out of the way.....

Weight Watchers current program is Freestyle.  No you cannot do one of the other programs on their app or website.  You can download an unofficial app to track and then go to meetings, but that kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

One size doesn't fit all, if you don't like the program; you'll never use it.  If you're head isn't in weight loss mode; no program will work for you.  What works for one, won't for another.

But you must actually do the program....and let's face it, we all know what we need to be eating!

Weekly Weigh-In

So I didn't do very bad over the Christmas Holiday - I was up "point 8".  So I did very very well!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Another Loss

Well, I'm happy to say I had another loss this week of 1.8 lbs!  Very exciting.  I'm not sure how well the holidays will do me, but at least I'm trying.

I also met a 5% loss and got the charm.  It isn't 5% from my Freestyle start weight here on the blog...but from my original start weight way back when I re-joined which was in 2015 and Smart Points started.  I took the charm but we won't be celebrating it here until I lose that 5% on Freestyle.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Restart the Charms

So with the new start for weight loss, I restarted my Weight Watcher charms.  First I got my own charm holder as the Weight Watcher one falls apart all the time.  I put the WW charm that comes with their holder on it, my 4 month charm (cause I won't get another one and well I've been there much longer than 4 months) and the Freestyle charm since that is the program my new start is with.

I've still been doing well, I've been sick for 4 days with a bad cold but am still managing to stay within my points.

How are you doing?

Friday, December 15, 2017

So You Truly Hate Freestyle and Want To Go Back To SmartPoints Without Leaving Weight Watchers

Okay, I'll give it to you.  You may just not want to do Freestyle.  You want the old SmartPoints plan back, you want to use your WW app and you want to continue with meetings.

Guess what?  With a little effort you can do all three!

First you need to remember what your Daily and Weekly points were.  You also must remember that on original SmartPoints, the lowest the dailies go are 30.  If you're anywhere above 30, keep in mind that you'll have to decide as you lose weight when to lower your daily point target as well.

Now here's how to set your official WW app and you must do this from a COMPUTER, you can't do it from the app:

Log in and go to your settings.

Under Program Preferences, Edit your Objective from Lose Weight and choose Maintain Weight.  Once you do that you can set your daily and weekly points.  Update and TA-DA - you have your daily points back!

Now.....for the new No Count (zero point) foods; you will have to create a food (you can do that from the app or computer).  You will need the nutritional information to do that.  For things in packages/cans (beans, non-fat plain yogurt) that will be pretty simple.  For items such as chicken, for example, just pull it up in the WW app and though it will say "0" - click it and it will give you the serving size and nutritional info.  Write in down and then create a food with it.  These will save under "My Foods" or you can even Favorite it.  Now those foods will have a point value for you.

See how simple that was?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Weekly Weigh In

My first week on Freestyle?  I had a THREE pound loss! YAY me!

If you lost please share in the comments!

Monday, December 11, 2017

I Can Only Eat Chicken and Fish

Next to the loss of points, the next Freestyle complaint is "I can only eat chicken and fish", "I use to be able to cook for the whole family, now they'll get sick of chicken and fish and I may have to prepare 2 meals"  "I've always had successful weighloss eating chicken breasts, now I'm limited to how much I can eat and gained weight this week.  I have no way of knowing if the points I lost equals with my chicken."

First off , no where does it say that you only can eat chicken and fish, that is just silly.  If you look at my post from yesterday, I didn't eat just chicken and fish.  I had pork chops one night, had a lebanon bologna sandwich one day and I plan on having a hamburger one night this week.

Secondly, I don't understand how you've always ate chicken and lost weight and now you're limited to the amount you can eat and are now gaining?  You're limited? No you're not.  And in one week you forgot the amount of chicken you normally ate and the point value you counted for it?  In ONE WEEK  you forgot that?  An item you ate quite frequently? Who are you trying to fool?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stop Thinking About What You "Lost" and Work With What You "Have"

One of the biggest complaints I hear about the new WW Freestyle Program is the amount of daily points people lost.  I myself went from 30 to 23, a 7 point loss.

So how do you handle that?  Well first off, quit obsessing over what you lost and just work with what you have.  Yep, it's that simple.

My first day on Freestyle, this is how I ate:

Breakfast:  2 eggs scrambled, 1 sliced grape tomato and 1 orange.  Total for breakfast = 0 pts
Lunch:  Chick-fil-A  12 Grilled Chicken nuggets (1) and a fruit cup.  Total for lunch= 1 pt
Dinner:  5 oz. pork chop (5) and 1 cup air fried potatoes (4) Total for dinner = 9 pts
Snacks throughout the day:  WW Chocolate Protein Stix (2), WW PB Protein Stix (2), and a Banana.  Total Snacks for the day= 4 pts

My total points for the day was 14.  I had 9 remaining, 4 of which rollover to the next day.  Now had I been doing the original Smart Points my total for the day would of been 20 pts with 10 remaining and no rollovers.

I was full, I couldn't eat more than that.  And it's kind of how I normally eat.  So what's the problem with all of you?

Wanna see another day?  Let's move on to Day 2:

Breakfast:  1 pack instant oatmeal, unflavored with cinnamon and 1 pack of sweet n' low (3 pts) and a banana = 3 pts
Lunch:  5 oz. pork chop (5) and 1 cup air fried potatoes (4) = 9 pts
Dinner:  1 crabcake (1) and 10 oz steamed shrimp (0) = 1 pt
Snacks:  WW Chocolate Protein Stix (2) = 2 pt
Total for the day: 15 used, 8 remaining, 4 more to rollover

Now how about an unusual day...which would be my Saturday:

Breakfast I ate out:  3 egg omelette with tomato & mushroom, no cheese (0), ham (2) and 1 slice rye toast (2) = 4 pts
Lunch (I packed): Light hamburger roll (2), 2 slices lebanon bologna (2) and small bag of chips(5)=9 pts
Dinner (went to movie so ate junk):  Approximately 12 pts in popcorn(no butter) and 4 pts for soft pretzel= 14 pts
This day I went over, used 29 points, but those rollover points took care of those!

You CAN do the program eating all the things you always have.  I do not believe all of you never eat chicken, fish, seafood, beans, fruit and vegetables.  You want to know why I don't believe it?  Because original Smart Points penalizes a lot of things, you have to be eating some of the healthy stuff - YOU HAVE TO BE.  If not, you're doing the program wrong.

The program is doable on the points you have - it is YOUR job not WW to tune the tools to work for you.

So You're Hating the New Weight Watcher Program.....

I get it, change is hard. You're using something that works and then all of a sudden they change it. You're not being given a choice and you're stuck in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" zone.

And you know what?  You're right....original points was never broke, points plus was never broke, smart points was never broke and if you go back through Weight Watcher history to the programs that came before any of the point programs they were never broke either. How do I know this? Because there were many people who were successful on all these programs.

Weight loss isn't one size fits all.  What works for one won't work for another.  And you have the right to go on Weight Watcher's FaceBook page and voice your displeasure, however, your displeasure will not make WW bring the old plan back.  How do I know this?  Because every time WW changes its program, people whine and complain and the previous program never comes back.

Freestyle is 7 days old, there is no way you've given it an honest try.  What you have been doing is fighting it the whole time, not actually doing it.  If you can't get over it? Take your program information, download an unofficial app and move on.  The rest of us are sick of hearing it.
You have a right to your opinion, you do not have the right to harass the rest of us with it.

But stick around here and maybe I can show you how to make Freestyle work for you.

All New

I'm starting everything new.  New blog, new diet, new start!

My old blog will be up until the domain is expired but then it will go away...all of it POOF!

My new blog, the one you are reading, is a new start mostly for my weight loss journey.

If you've followed me for any length of time you know that I'm a Weight Watchers lifetimer meeting lifetime status in August of 2011.  I totally failed after that and could never really get my mojo back.

But....this week Weight Watchers introduced an "enhancement" to their Smartpoint program.  The program is called "Freestyle" and I'm very excited about it.

So join me here while I lose weight, go to movies, watch The Walking Dead and all that other stuff!  You may enjoy, you may get bored....but stick around and comment.