Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Year In Review

Not in any particular order and it's the good and the bad:


Kevin Spacey!!  Once in January and once in February I traveled to Brooklyn, NY to see him in the play "Richard III".  Great performance by all!  It also gave me time to spend with Jill, Emma, Jackie and her hubby and Pamela (who I have known online for years and finally got to meet).  Great memories always!!


Myrtle Beach!!  I love the beach and Myrtle Beach is my favorite.  Though I was disappointed that hubby wasn't able to go with me this year, I did get to spend the week with CC and we had lots of fun!!  Looking forward to hopefully vacation with hubby this year and a weekend trip with CC in the spring!


The Aloft Hotel!!  A great find in Brooklyn that was affordable, within walking distance to the theatre and right around the corner from Junior's (famous for their cheesecakes and they have great breakfasts too).


Wolf's Diner!!  A discovery while traveling back from the train station in Harrisburg.  Located in Dillsburg, PA - a great place to check out, food is excellent!


Mickey!!  Remember him?  He's our cat that lives at our old house!  We got to see him again back in the summer because he'd been injured in a fight.  After a $300 vet bill, we returned him to the old house where he has made his home with the people that live there now.  We did drive by and see Mickey on their porch Christmas morning so he is still doing well!  Miss him, but so very glad and grateful to The Stoner Family for being understanding with his situation!


Kenny!!  Kenny was a family friend that past away quite suddenly this year.  He's greatly missed!


The Hard Drive Crash!!  Grrrr.......  Yep this was a tragic moment, but thankfully was saved by Jim Not Mike when he was able to recover all my data via a MAC - go figure....


Lennox!!  I had followed Lennox's story for quite a long time.  Lennox was the dog that was taken from his family for "looking" like a pitbull (DNA tests proved he was not a pitbull); however the authorities refused to admit their wrong doing and after a very long fight (2 years? possibly more) Lennox was put down by authorities.  There's lots of questions with this case that will never be answered; but it brought about the cruelty of Breed Specific Legislation.  Hopefully it will help end these laws.


After the sell of the business last year; working for the new owners for a few months, then an auto group in our hometown; Hubby finally found a great group to work for!  So if you're in the market for a car, visit hubby at the Sharrett GMC store in Hagerstown, MD.


Things can happen in a moment, and this year I lost my brother-in-law Greg (that's him on the left).  He is missed very much.