Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year In Review

Here's my Top 10 Things of 2011 - some good, some bad.... (and they are not in any particular order):


Grandbaby Mason!!  It's how my year started and he'll be one year old on January 5th!!  Can't think of a better way to start the year.

Kevin Spacey!  The very next day, after Mason's birth, I headed to NYC to see an onstage interview during the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend.  I was in the very front row too!!!

Kevin Spacey AGAIN!!  In April he spoke at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. in support of the Arts!  Tickets were FREE!!

Dana Brunetti!!  Kevin Spacey's business partner at Triggerstreet was also at the Kennedy Center Event.  He came over and allowed Tricia and I to take photos.  Tricia asked for an autograph and he claimed her pen didn't work and that he'd have to go backstage and get another....what he really did was get Kevin to sign her ticket also - what a great guy!!

Lucy Lu!!!  We added her to our pack this year - isn't she the cutest thing?????


Spunky & Sebastian.  This year we had to make the decision to have them put down.  It was a very sad time.

Ocean City, MD!!  CC and I went on vacation in September and had a great time!!  Yep, we hopped in a photo booth - just like we use to when we were kids!

Hubby and I outsmarted the hurricane, but we made it to Myrtle Beach and had a BEAUTIFUL week!!


Another bittersweet moment...Hubby sold the business!


This year I lost one of my very best friends.  I miss him so much......